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Whistler Grills Cooking Grate | Stainless Steel


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  • 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Thick Griddle Bars
  • Can use to replace the cast iron griddle.
  • Suitable for: Cirencester 4.0 | Cirencester 6.0


Cooking grates are one of the most important features of your grill. They’re the part of your grill that gets closest to your food and they create those beautiful sear marks that we all love. 

Stainless steel cooking grates combine the best of both rod stainless steel and cast iron. They have the rough texture of cast iron (which is easy to season and easily builds up that non-stick patina) and the durability of rod stainless steel. 

Whistler Grills offer a luxurious range of stainless steel freestanding gas barbecues, integrated built-in grills and units, modular outdoor kitchens and a variety of accessories to match.

'Ignite your passion for the outdoor cooking lifestyle'

Whistler Grills BBQ's are professionally made with the utmost care and attention at a factory with the highest artisan steel forming standards.

The production lines have roots in the BBQ manufacturing industry stemming back to the early 90’s. The factory is now an industry leader, with strong warranties and many years of experience in premium barbecue grill manufacturing +product design. Whistler Grills are at the heart of successful BBQ experiences.

Whistler Grills believe that quality should always be at the forefront of the business and therefore always use the latest stainless steel laser cutting technology, that allows for the creation of exceptionally well-built, long lasting BBQ cooking equipment.

Make your garden kitchen dream a reality with Whistler by your side


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