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Whistler Bibury 5.0 Grill Gas BBQ +Built-In Rotisserie


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  • 304 Stainless Steel throughout
  • Cooking Area 60cm x 48cm
  • 99,000 Total BTU's of Cooking Power via 5 Burners
  • LED Control Panel +Halogen Cooking Surface Light
  • Infrared Side Burner
  • Flame Thrower Ignition
  • BBQ Grill Cover +Rotisserie is INCLUDED
  • Food Grade 304 S. Steel Cooking Grate is INCLUDED
  • Heavy-Duty Smoker is INCLUDED
  • Dimension: Width 143cm | Depth 66cm | Height 128cm

Please Note:
  • The Griddle Plate is NOT Included - can be added to order from the "Often Bought Together" section.
  • It can also be moved to either side of the grill.

      • Lifetime Warranty
      • All Whistler Grills are Pre-built
        Minimal Assembly Effort - Maximum Cooking Fun!

       Get Your GRILL ON with GUSTO!

      The Bibury range is the most impressive of the Whistler portfolio.

      Manufactured from 304 stainless steel throughout, these sophisticated grills are premium in every aspect and are certainly designed to last.

      The Birbury 5.0 is the flagship of the Whistler Portfolio and more than competes with the top premium grills in the market. This BBQ easily caters for large gatherings, as well as commercial use with its almight 5 burners and huge cooking area.

      Whilst the Bibury’s compete with the very best in the market, Whistler goes above and beyond by including a rotisserie and cover within the already competitive price.

      Offering three different sized models to cater to all needs, the Bibury's are the perfect centre piece and addition to any outdoor area.

      We are so confident in the build and materials of this range, that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all three models!


            Whistler Grills | Care +Cleaning

            Stainless Steel parts of this appliance are made from 304 & 430 Grade Stainless Steels.

            To preserve the appearance and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel material regular cleaning is required.

            Although stainless steel does not rust in the same manner as steel it can still exhibit corrosion blemishes that look similar to rust and detract from the appearance of the appliances.

            Unlike steel, the corrosion of stainless steel is mostly confined to the surface and in most cases can be removed by cleaning, returning the surface to almost like new.

            Please Note:

            • DO NOT USE - Cleaners containing chloride

            • DO NOT USE - Steel Wool

            • DO NOT USE - Abrasive cleaning compounds (Use cream type)


                  This appliance should be checked and serviced by an authorised (informed) service person every year to ensure the appliance remains in a safe operational condition.

                  Turn off, unplug and remove the rotisserie kits (when available) when not in use. After using, clean all metal parts using a dry cloth to avoid rusting. Do not immerse any part in water. Store in a cool dry Place.

                        CAUTION: Lighting your barbecue

                        This barbecue is designed for use outdoors, away from any flammable materials.

                        It is important that there are NO OVERHEAD OBSTRUCTIONS and that there is a minimum distance of 1m from the side or rear of the appliance.

                        It is important that the ventilation openings of the appliance are not obstructed. The barbeque must be used on a level, stable, non-flammable surface.

                        The appliance should be protected from direct draughts and shall be positioned or protected against direct penetration by any trickling water ( e.g. rain or drizzle).

                        Parts sealed by the manufacturer or his agent must not be altered by the user. No modifications should be made to any part of this barbecue and repairs and maintenance should be carried out by a registered service engineer.


                              If any burner fails to ignite, turn the control knob off (clockwise) and also turn the cylinder valve off. Wait five minutes before attempting to relight with an ignition sequence.

                              Before cooking for the first time, operate the barbecue for about 15 minutes with the lid closed and the gas turned HIGH.

                              This will “heat clean” the internal parts and dissipate odour from the painted finish. (The colour of the cooking area may change slightly. This is normal and it is the nature of the stainless steel material)

                                    ABNORMAL OPERATION

                                    Any of the following are considered to be abnormal operation and may require servicing:

                                    • Yellow tipping of the burner flame

                                    • Sooting up of the grill plates

                                    • Burners not igniting properly

                                    • Burners failing to remain alight

                                    • Burners becoming extinguished by trolley doors

                                    • Gas valves which are difficult to turn



                                    Tech Specifications


                                    BIBURY RANGE WARRANTY

                                    • Cast stainless burners: Lifetime warranty

                                    • Stainless steel cooking grates: Lifetime warranty

                                    • Stainless steel fire-box housing: Lifetime warranty

                                    • Hood: Lifetime warranty

                                    • Cart: 5 Years

                                    • Infrared side burner (excluding screen): 5 Years

                                    • Infrared rear burner: 5 Years

                                    • Warming rack: 3 Years

                                    • Knobs: 3 Years

                                    • Brass valve: 3 Years

                                    • Drip tray: 3 Years

                                    • Flame tamer: 3 Years

                                    • Whistler Bibury Kitchen Units:

                                      Doors, drawers and bins, etc:  3 years

                                    • All the other parts: 1 Year


                                    TERMS & CONDITIONS

                                    The Whistler Grills warranty covers you, as the original buyer of your product, against manufacturing defaults, providing your purchase was made through an authorized Whistler Grills dealer and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

                                    Your Whistler Grill warranty is non transferrable and may not be extended under any circumstances, unless Whistler Grills authorize an Owners Club ‘special offer’ to its members.

                                    If you receive your new Whistler product and it appears damaged, you will be expected to report the damage to your retailer immediately and provide images/video footage as damage evidence. DO NOT use this product if it appears damaged upon delivery as this will invalidate your warranty. 

                                    When you first receive your order, please maintain the packaging until you have used your product for the first time. If we are required to replace it, we will request the product to be returned in its original packaging to the warehouse for inspection.

                                    Any product installation must be carried out by a licensed, authorized service technician or contractor. This is particularly relevant to the Burford range of built-in barbecues. Installation must be carried out in accordance with the installation instructions included with your product.

                                    This warranty does not cover damages caused my misuse, lack of maintenance, grease fires, hostile environments, accidents, alterations, abuse or neglect and parts installed from other manufacturers. This will nullify your warranty. Any discolouration or staining of any parts from chemical cleaners will not be covered by this warranty.

                                    This warranty excludes discolouration, surface scratches, weather and atmospheric related staining, minor surface rust and oxidation. These are expected with any outdoor product.

                                    If parts covered within the duration of the warranty deteriorate to such an extent that they no longer perform, they will be replaced as part of that warranty.

                                    All parts replaced under any of the warranties can only be claimed once.


                                    • Whistler Grills will not be responsible for any installation costs relating to the re-installation of a warranted part, and such expenses are not covered by this warranty.

                                    • Whistler Grills will only authorize its own engineers to carry out any work relating to this product, and does not authorize any third party to do so.

                                    • Whistler Grills shall not be responsible for over firing or blowouts caused by environmental conditions such as strong winds or inadequate ventilation.

                                    • Whistler Grills will not be responsible for any damage to the product due to weather damage, hail, rough handling, damaging chemicals or cleaners.

                                    • All Whistler Grill warranties must be registered on the Whistler Grills website straight after purchase ( to activate them. The retail receipt or a copy will be required together with a serial and model number when making any warranty claims from Whistler Grills.

                                    • Whistler Grills reserves the right to have any representative to inspect any product or part prior to honoring any warranty claim.

                                    • Whistler Grills shall not be liable for any transportation chargers, labour costs, or export duties.


                                    If a product is to be returned under the warranty, you will be expected to return it in the cleanest state possible.

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