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Sirius Mirror Infrared Heater

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Our stunning Mirror Infrared Heaters are an amazing addition to any home. Adding a stylish mirror to any room can be great for your interior design.

When that mirror is heating your entire room, for a fraction of the cost of a standard heater, you really are adding amazing value to your home.

    • Better Heating for a Better World
    • Beautifully Modern Designed
    • Efficient +Easy to Clean
    • Front +Back Toughened Glass
    • Maximum Efficiency +Security
    • Can Be Connected To Any Thermostat

      Full UK Certification to the following standards:
      • EN 60335-1:2012 / EN60335-2-30 (Safety of Electrical Appliances)
      • EN55014 1 + 2 / EN61003-2 / EN61003-3 (EMC)
      • EN62233-2008 (EMF)
      • EN60529-1992 + A2 (IP44 rating)
      • 2011/66/EU RoHS
      • CE Certified

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                  Dimension +Wattage Option:
                  • 400W | Width 60cm x Height 60cm (600x600mm)
                  • 800W | Width 50cm x Height 50cm (500x1000mm)
                  • 1000W | Width 60cm x Height 120cm (600x1200mm)
                  • 1500W | Width 60cm x Height 120cm (600x1200mm)

                  Corner Shape Option:

                  • Radius Corner
                  • Square Corner

                      • 10 YEAR WARRANTY
                      • Estimated Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks



                      For our Sirius Mirror Infrared heaters, only high-quality materials have been used to design and make these top of the range heaters.

                      Extremely well crafted, these panels are beautiful and will add an elegant focal piece to any environment. Our infrared heaters can be tailored to suit your style and decoration.

                      Whether you would prefer something subtle or if you would like something bespoke that stands out.

                      We can help tailor your infrared heater to your space. Each of the range is beautifully designed, efficient and easy to clean.

                      Our heaters are not mass produced as some other companies. Our manufactured process ensures premium quality to enhance and add to the interior decoration of your home or space.

                      Each heater can be connected to any thermostat in our range allowing you to set the temperature from the comfort of your seat.

                      Order time for standard colour is 2-3 weeks delivery as each heater is made to order. Please contact us for an updated delivery time prior to order.

                      IDEAL FOR: Indoor Living space, Bathrooms, Conservatories, Summer Houses, Office Spaces, Reception Areas and many more.

                      We are confident in the quality of our panels so each one comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

                            Infrared heating is super efficient and cuts down your energy use, you can be sure you’re opting for an eco-friendly heating source. The Greenage, 2017

                                  BENEFITS OF INFRARED

                                  Infrared is a modern, innovative way to heat your property. It looks great, takes up very little space, can be wall or ceiling mounted and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your room.

                                  The process is 100% energy efficient, delivering significant energy and cost saving benefits.


                                  Comparison to Other Forms of Heating

                                  • Up to 25% reduction on gas central heating systems.
                                  • Up to 40% reduction on oil central heating systems.
                                  • Up to 50% reduction on electrical storage heating.
                                  • 100% Control as each room is controlled independently

                                  What does it feel like?

                                  • It can help our bodies lose weight, lower high blood pressure and relieve pain., 2018

                                  • Infrared heating leads to improved circulation and allows the immune system cells and chemicals to converge on the injured areas to facilitate the healing process., 2017

                                  • Infrared light is the reason why we feel warm when the sun is shining in the middle of a wintry day., 2018

                                        Infrared Heating Characterisation-Source Aston University – ETICC

                                        Infrared vs Electric Heaters by University of Wolverhampton


                                              Running Costs of Infrared

                                              • Comparing infrared to other forms of electric heating, the savings could be over 50%.

                                              • Due to the effective way that infrared heats a person or object.

                                              • The heat from one of our heaters is immediate.

                                              • Our heaters are virtually maintenance free.

                                              • There are no moving parts, no gas boilers to maintain or to replace.

                                              • Controls allow easy, set it to the desired temperature with your phone or thermostat.

                                              • This can be done in each room rather than an inefficient centrally controlled system.


                                              Benefits Over Gas Central Heating

                                              • Reduced installation cost.

                                              • No maintenance or service costs.

                                              • 100% recyclable.

                                              • From 2025 all new homes will be banned from installing gas.

                                              • Reduced costs and easy to install compared to gas.

                                              • Converts all energy into heat.

                                              • Heating can be monitored and controlled by individual thermostats.

                                                    SAVING ENERGY IN THE HOME

                                                    “Turn those lights off!’

                                                    Save money- save energy- save the planet.

                                                    Reduce your Energy Bills

                                                    If you’re not using it, turn it off. Spending more time at home could mean you’re receiving larger energy bills than usual.

                                                    So, there are simple changes you can make in your home to reduce your electricity and gas usage.

                                                    It is important to know how much electricity you’re already using in your home. From there, you can make small changes in almost every room in your home.


                                                    Click to View/Download:


                                                          Your heater should not be operated without a control system.

                                                          You must use either a wired or wireless thermostat depending on your installation preference. If in doubt, ask professional qualified personnel. 

                                                          This heater is NOT equipped with a device to control the room temperature. Do not use this heater in small rooms when they are occupied by persons not capable of leaving the room on their own unless constant supervision is provided.

                                                                How do you control Infrared Heaters efficiently? Smart control just got smarter!

                                                                The true sign of a good Smart device is the lack of need touch it once your desired settings have been found.

                                                                That is true in two ways for our system. The control system that we provide and install do not need actually need a ‘normal’ thermostat if you don’t want one. They can be controlled completely by phone or by being triggered when you walk in to the room.

                                                                There are a few choices to make when building your heating system:

                                                                • Is the system to be controlled on a thermostat?

                                                                • Or, is it better to hide the controls completely?

                                                                • Or, reduce the control that the occupant has on the heating system

                                                                All of these are options with our Smart heating system. During our conversation and site visits we discuss how best to control your heating system. As standard, all the heaters and rooms will be able to be controlled on a phone, tablet, computer or by voice (Alexa required).


                                                                Ready, Set, Go!

                                                                All our systems come preprogrammed with your initial connections made between the Hub and device. It’s literally plug and play. The Hub is also preset with a general timed programme for all the rooms. But, there are plenty of settings to refine your ideal room temperatures.


                                                                Potential Savings

                                                                With the power to control all your heaters in every room provides the potential for high levels of savings. The general savings that clients with the system installed state is around 25% compared to their previous system. There are case studies to show that the savings can be over 60%. This saving was proven with a hotel that converted some of its rooms to the system and left others.


                                                                      PRODUCT ADVICE

                                                                      WARNING - in order to avoid overheating, do not cover the heater.

                                                                      Combustible or flammable materials and pressurised containers (sprays, fire extinguishers, etc.) must be kept at a distance of at least 50cm from the appliance.

                                                                      Do not touch the appliance with wet hands or feet.

                                                                      It is important NOT to cover the appliance at any time in order to avoid dangerous overheating.

                                                                      If the supply cord is damaged it can be replaced if needed. This must only be carried out by an electrician or the manufacturer.

                                                                      The materials used for packaging is only to be used for transport and can be recycled. Remove before use. For disposal, use dedicated recycling containers.

                                                                            POSITIONING AND INSTALLATION

                                                                            This appliance is intended for domestic use for room heating.

                                                                            It must be fixed onto a wall as indicated in this instruction manual.
                                                                            The means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules.

                                                                            Ideally the heaters, if in landscape orientation, should be mounted at picture / mirror height.

                                                                            Our heaters are rated IP44 which means they can be installed in zone 1 or 2 of a bathroom. We recommend zone 2 or outside zone as most appropriate.


                                                                            INSTALLATION ADVICE

                                                                            • Should not be installed in contact with the floor.

                                                                            • The equipment must not be located immediately below a socket-outlet.

                                                                            • The equipment shall not be used if the panel is damaged.

                                                                            • If the supply cord is damaged it can be replaced if needed. This must only be carried out by an electrician or the manufacturer.

                                                                            • Should not be installed in close proximity to flammable or combustible materials or pressurised containers.

                                                                            • Make sure that there are no electrical cables or pipes in the wall which could be damaged during installation.

                                                                            Wall Mounting (Advised)
                                                                            1.5m to middle of heater from floor if
                                                                            wall mounted.

                                                                            Wall Mounting (Mandatory)
                                                                            0.50m to any surrounding objects
                                                                            0.50m to any wall or ceiling (Minimum)
                                                                            0.50m to any electrical socket (Minimum)
                                                                            Ceiling Mounting (Mandatory)
                                                                            1.8m above the floor (Minimum)


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