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PALOMA | 6 Person Hot Tub Spa

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  • Our Price Includes: 
    Delivery +Full Installation +Chemical Starter Pack +Hardcover +Steps

  • 5 / 6 Person Hot Tub ( 1 Lounger )
  • Utilising Award-Winning R10 Spa Insulation
    (R10 Technical Report)
  • Water Purification Crystal Clean Ozonator
  • Lowest Running +Maintenance Costs
  • BALBOA Tech Inside All Sunbeach Spa Hot Tubs
  • Balboa TP500s Control Panel
  • Length 200cm | Width 200cm | Height 80cm
  • 2kW Balboa Heater
  • 13 Amp or 20 Amp switch over
  • 28x Chrome & Grey Jets
  • 2x Molded pillow
  • Twin filters with in-line chemical dispenser
  • Powerful Circulation Pump (up o 24 hr)
  • Maintenance-Free Cabinet
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Sunbeach Spa Logo +Warranty

Sit back and relax with the Paloma

Immerse yourself in Hydrotherapy!

● The Paloma is our 6 person spacious hot tub. 
● Enjoy 28 high-intensity therapy jets
● The Paloma is a therapy pool, hot tub, and aquatic gym all-in-one
● Relax with a sublime waterfall feature

The Paloma is our stunning 6 person therapy spa & hot tub. It provides plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a super relaxing spa session.

The Paloma is a sleek piece of wellness kit, but it’s deceptively high tech under the hood, applying Balboa pump technology to convert the water's natural oxygenation into smooth micro-foam.

underwater photography of water bubbles
These poppy little bubble buddies create the optimal oxygen burst for a silky smooth skin-feel and makes for the most euphoric hot tub experience.

This hot tub is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece spa that allows you to relax, stretch or play.

"At Sunbeach Spas®, we believe in creating the ultimate Spa where the future is about the derived health benefits of hydrotherapy and how we are leading the way in Spa safety."

Our era has offered a generational opportunity to change the narrative on health and wellness Spa therapies.

Sunbeach Spas® is a brand with strong provenance as they approach their third decade.

They know that to stay at the top, the pace of innovation needs to accelerate to maintain their qualitative edge in the spascape.


Balboa_water_group logo

"Balboa is always working on breakthrough technologies to bring new products to the spa and whirlpool industries"

Balboa TP500S Controls

Balboa uses cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to develop easy-to-use spas with every function you can imagine.

The TP500S is part of Balboa's BP Wifi ready line and has a 4-pin black plastic connection. It is intended for use with the BP Series of hot tub control systems.

On the easy-to-read screen, the elegant panels include LCD displays with moving function indication symbols, maintenance reminders, and service warnings.

Balboa Ozonator

An Ozonator helps kill harmful bacteria, reducing the need for chemicals which makes it gentler on your skin and eyes.

When ozone is injected into hot tub spa water, it sanitises the water by destroying the bacteria and viruses groups in the plumbing system.

The Ozone also helps break down oils and other biodegradable materials to keep the water crystal clear and pure. 

Ozone purification is much more powerful than standard sanitisers, fewer chemicals need to be used as the ozone kills the majority of the bacteria.

We believe water safety - the highest levels of cleanliness is of absolute paramount importance.... because its about the safety of family and friends

This is a major benefit for those prone to skin, nasal and eye irritations associated with the use of chemical based high concentration of chlorine.


Please continue reading - Sunbeach Spas | Extended Description



Tech Specifications


  • Model Colour: Silver White Marble

  • Size: 2000 x 2000 x 800mm

  • Water Capacity: 1200L

  • Balboa Controls: 2kw heater

  • Shell: USA Aristech acrylic

  • Seats: 6

Water pumps:

  • Pumps: 1 x 3hp

  • Circulation: 1 x 0.35hp

  • Ozonator: 1 x 50mg


  • Air control valve: 2

  • Filters: 2

  • Insulation: All 4 sides Super R10

  • Base: Solid ABS and insulation R10

  • Top spa cover: key locking

Water jets:

  • Jets: Total 29 Chrome & Grey

  • Rotary therapy jets: 15

  • Directional hydrotherapy jets: 14

  • Circulation jets: 1


  • Big underwater LED light: 1 (Colour Changing)

  • Cup/Glass holders with LED: 2

  • LED top rails lights: 17 (Colour Changing)

  • LED Waterfall: 1

13Amp Spas have a single pump and are compatible with a normal UK 13A plug connection that can be plugged directly into your mains electricity.

This provides a quick and easy method to get started without the need for any additional electrical installation.

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