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MONS Horizontal Murphy Wall Bed + Desk | KING SIZE BED | 160cm x 200cm

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Multifunction, horizontal wall bed with an attached moving desk. Specifically, a folding bed with a desk. The roomy top will hold all the things you need to work and when it is time to rest, it will store them safely until the next morning.

It makes everyday life easy & comfortable. The solution of choice, for living rooms where we work remotely, study bedrooms and office rooms. Pictured here with Wall headrest and LED lighting.

  • Put some colour in your life
    +customise your murphy wall bed
  • Guaranteed Comfort +Functionality
  • Quick +Easy Change Room Arrangement
  • Unique, Modern +Secure Solution
  • Half-Wall Space Saving Bed
  • Compact +Neat +Versatile Bed
  • User-Friendly Spacious Desk

    Click to View/Download:

    Click to View/Download:
    TRANSFORMS: Wall Bed Catalogue 2022

    Dimensions Available:

    • 140cm x 200xm DOUBLE BED
    • 160cm x 200xm KING SIZE BED
    • 180cm x 200xm SUPER KING BED

    Desktop Dimension:

    • Depth 53cm | Height Placement 72cm

          Please Note:
          • This bed must be fixed to the wall with the brackets supplied
          • Bed Headboard shown in the images is NOT included - Please select from the Often Bought Together options
          • Bed Mattress as shown in the images is NOT included -Max. Mattress Thickness to be 21cm - Max Weight of Mattress 32kg
          • Optional Auto Open / Close Operation +remote control - Please select from the Operation option


          If you would like storage cabinetry to be of a different colour arrangement to the MONS Wall Bed itself - please email us with your requirements - Thank you

           Learn more about: Transforms Storage Cabinets




          "Put some colour in your life"


          An innovative furniture system concept – a bed with a desk in one. During the day a comfortable work space or a neat desk in the youth room, at night a comfortable double bed.

          Thanks to a well-thought-out, modern concept, furniture for a studio is no longer a challenge. Our systems are refined, inspired by Italian beauty, and functional comfort buttoned up to the last button. We are able to combine both of these aspects, designing perfect furniture.

          The daytime scene is a smooth back made of laminated board in a wide range of colors to choose from and a smooth, functional top. Ergonomic height ensures comfortable working. A piece of furniture that does not impose its style, allows for easy arrangement in any interior.



          Small spaces mean that one room often has to perform several extremely different functions. Work and sleep do not go hand in hand, and yet in studios, small bedrooms or living rooms, it is often necessary to reconcile both.

          The space saving bed with the function of a desk not only ensures the optimal use of a small room, but above all enables its arrangement that, depending on the time of day, the room changes its character completely.

          The solid, spacious desk top used for online work, study, after opening the bed disappears under its front with all contents. Books, laptop and textbooks remain in place and do not require cleaning. Also, the bed does not require bedding or additional space for bedding. Before closing the bed, simply fasten the sheets with straps and the problem is solved.

          The MONS Horizontal Murphy Wall Bed + Desk is perfect for a small living room, open space, bedroom with work space, or room for a student. Thanks to its universality, it is eagerly chosen for flats for rent and guest rooms for students that do not have a lot of space space. A multifunctional bed with a desk will be appreciated by everyone, regardless of age, who is home worker.


          Learn more about: Transforms Storage Cabinet

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          • Cabinet doors without handles open with just a light touch with TIP-ON for doors


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          • Handle-less cabinet doors open up and out of the way with just a simple touch, thanks to TIP-ON for AVENTOS



          Specs +Features


          • "Put some colour in your life"

            +customise your murphy wall bed



          • Guaranteed Comfort +Functionality

          • Quick +Easy Change Room Arrangement

          • Unique, Modern +Secure Solution

          • Half-Wall Space Saving Bed

          • Compact +Neat +Versatile Bed

          • User-Friendly Spacious Desk

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            Dimensions Available:

            • 140cm x 200xm DOUBLE BED

            • 160cm x 200xm KING SIZE BED

            • 180cm x 200xm SUPER KING BED

                  Please Note:

                  • THIS MUST BE FIXED IN-WALL

                  • Headrest Bed Headboard (Shown in the Photo NOT Included - You can add +choose on the Often Bought Together Option)

                  • Bed Mattress (Shown in the Photo NOT Included - You can add +choose on the Often Bought Together Option)





                  Warranty Period:

                  The warranty period for furniture is 24 months from the date of receipt of the furniture.

                  The warranty period for the mechanisms used in the production of Transforms furniture is 10 years.

                  The warranty does not cover mechanical damage caused by improper use.

                  Warranty Repair:

                  The warranty is implemented by repair, and if it is impossible, by replacing the components with new ones.

                  Complaints should be submitted in writing to the guarantor's address, by e-mail to the address or call: 0800 001 6555

                  The guarantor has 14 days to respond to the complaint. The guarantor ensures the collection of items accepted for warranty repair. The time for repair is up to 30 days, but the guarantor reserves the right to extend this period due to the fact that some components are imported from abroad.

                  The guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the provisions on the warranty for defects in the goods sold.

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