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Health Mate Classic 2.0 Infrared Sauna Therapy Cabin


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  • 5x Tecoloy™ Human Spectrum Heaters
  • 2 Person Cedarwood Therapy Cabin (PEFC™)
  • Ultra Low Electro-Magnetic-Field (EMF Test Results)
  • Medical Grade IllumiLED Light Therapy
  • Audiophile Bluetooth Speakers
  • Precision Artisanship. Built to Last
  • £0.27 Cost per 30 min Session
  • Width 122cm | Depth 113cm | Height 197cm
  • Standard 13 Amp 3 Pin UK Plug
  • Easy-Click 1-Hour Installation
  • Compare the Classic Range
  • Lifetime Warranty


Sit back and relax with the Classic 2.0

Get your Sweat On - Plug-in and Perspire!  

The Health Mate® Classic range brings together advanced infrared sauna heating technology with beautiful cedarwood to offer the most effective therapy cabins -  with  proven health benefits. Learn more: 9 Benefits of Using Sauna Treatment - by Dr Berg - Edited by the Blissy Team

The Classic range is fitted with a standard 3 pin UK plug (13 amp) and only uses as much electricity as a hairdryer! (No plumbing required).

The 2.0 is a two-person sauna therapy cabin that eases away the  stresses and strains of the day, leaving you refreshed +reinvigorated even after just 30 minutes.

Bath Bliss x Health Mate: Recommended Sauna Session - 30 Minutes

Since 1979 Health Mate® has been at the forefront of design and innovation, culminating in the latest generation of Tecoloy™ Omni-mWave 360° infrared heater.

Advanced heating elements radiate human-spectrum heat gently and evenly.  These are the most effective heating elements - for your body core, to help you detox and boost your immunity. Learn more: Our Health Crisis

This energy penetrates deep into your body tissues, soothing tense muscles and relieving aching joints by utilising the optimum frequencies that infraheat has to offer.

Health Mate® Classic 2.0 Immuno Boost on the GO

Invest in your health and feel the benefits for yourself:

  • Boosts immune strength, removes impurities and toxins

  • Increases blood circulation, burns calories and aids weight loss

  • Relieves aches and pains, including arthritis and rheumatism

  • Helps relieve acne, eczema and psoriasis

  • Breaks down cellulite, improves skin health


5 human-spectrum infrared Tecoloy™ Omni-mWave heaters work to ensure infraheat is distributed evenly and efficiently to achieve the solid benefits of a full body sauna treatment - and all for only 27p per 30 minute session. Learn more: What are Tecoloy™ Heaters all About?

If you are looking for a personal infrared sauna that fits in your life and in your home (1.3m² footprint) and will also help you to achieve your health wellbeing goals - the Classic 2.0 is the perfect companion.

Enjoy the blissful warm sensations of deep detox with the convenience of an at-home sauna therapy cabin. Learn more: Having an At-Home Infrared Sauna (in Your Home).

Health Mate® saunas are equipped with an easy-to-use yet advanced digital control system (iOS and Android compatible).

To heighten your experience further, enjoy the auraltherapy of a bluetooth speaker system combined with illumiLED chromotherapy and take it to the next level with aromatherapy.

Stimulate your senses.

“Wellness through informed, science-backed opinion is central to the Bath Bliss philosophy.

The natural Canadian cedar wood construction adds a reassuringly calm, earthy feel that will complement your home décor. To ensure excellent insulation, dual-wall construction is employed in the cabin design. Learn more: A Trees Journey

No toxin based glues or adhesives are used and so no ‘off gassing’ is possible when the heaters are activated Learn more:  Safe +Toxic Free Saunas

Tecoloy™ heaters efficiently dissipate heat compared to standard carbon heaters. They generate low ultra EMF/ELF levels that are safe for your body.

Prolonged high EMF/ELF level exposure can lead to adverse effects on the body. Learn more: What’s Ultra-low EMF and ELF

With regular use, a Health Mate® sauna will provide you a lifetime of healthy living.


Please continue reading - Health Mate Sauna Cabins | Extended Description ...


If you have any feedback or any questions please contact us - Thank you

Tech Specifications

  • 2 Person Sauna Cabin

  • 5x Advanced Tecoloy® OmniWave Heating Elements

  • 3x Infra-Carbon Heaters (Lower Back and Floor)

  • Touchscreen Control Panel (Internal and External)

  • Mirrored Safety Glass (one way for privacy)

  • Easy-Click System (Assembly in 60 Minutes)

  • Pre-Heat Settings

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood (Sustainable Forests)

  • Bluetooth 2x Speaker System

  • 7 Colour Light Therapy

  • Temperature Range: 18°C - 65°C

  • Wattage: 1920w (220V - 230V)

  • Amperage: 3 Pin UK Plug - 13 Amp

  • Approximate Cost Per 30min Session: £0.27

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Download: Classic 2.0 Spec Sheet

  • Learn about: Not all infrared light is the same

Health Mate® Classic 2.0 Infrared Sauna Therapy Cabin Features

PLEASE NOTE: This video below is for illustration purposes ONLY (we will be updating the video for Health Mate® Classic 2.0 Infrared Sauna Cabin, soon ... )


The Classic cabins are fitted with a standard 13 amp UK 3 pin plug and only use as much electricity as a hairdryer.

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Less painful treatment...

“...when a deeper treatment with massage is necessary for very injured or tight muscles and tendons, it is much less painful for the patient to be treated once they have been in the infrared cabin...”

Kris a.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The easiest way to improve your health

“Initially we were worried that the outlay for our sauna wouldn't reap it's rewards and yet despite being right at the bottom of the garden there is always a regular path of visitors to the sauna. In winter we sit as a family and relax, or go there to recover after overindulging - the perfect detox. In Spring and Autumn we use it to warm up after a walk or exercise in the fresh air and in summer we have it on after we've been swimming to warm us up. All in all, we are in it twice a week on average. It has been worth every penny and we are only a year in.”

United Kingdom United Kingdom

The easiest way to improve your health

“I use several Health Mate® infrared cabins in my clinics. My patients love it. Treatments are more effective and less painful and all my practitioners swear by it.”

Errol l.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fantastic service!

I ordered a Classic 2 for delivery in mid June, and with all the Brexit & Covid difficulties I was delighted to receive it just a few days late. At all times Health Mate kept in contact to update the delivery time and when the time came the owner not only delivered it himself at 7.30pm but also then proceeded to install the sauna and even took the cardboard away. Fantastic service! The sauna has exceeded all our expectations as well and we look forward to years of use. I have no hesitation in recommending Health Mate UK, the Company and the product.

Harry T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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