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LIVE CHAT For Assistance +Deals | FREE UK DELIVERY
LIVE CHAT For Assistance +Deals | FREE UK DELIVERY

Why Spa Therapy?

At Sunbeach Spas we believe in creating the ultimate Spa experience - where the future is about the derived health benefits of hydrotherapy and how we are leading the way in spa safety.

Our era has offered a generational opportunity to change the narrative on health and wellness spa therapies.

We are a brand with strong provenance as we enter our third decade, but we know to stay at the top, we need to accelerate the pace of our innovation to maintain the qualitative edge in the spa-scape.

Hydrotherapy Redesigned

We design Sunbeach Spa experiences from the ground up,aiming to break the design mould in the application of new emerging technologies: with the goal of creating the perfect spa based on total customer-comfort. 

Enjoy our easy-to-use touchscreen panels and adjustable jets that offer a personalised and ergonomic hydromassage.

Sunbeach Spa hydrojets are strategically positioned to offer the optimal relief to high-tension areas, primarily the neck, shoulder and low back regions - moving down to the lower leg and feet areas too. Our spa designers and technicians have taken great care to create deep cradling seating and comfort foot rests.

Whisper-quiet sound dampening and insulation technology enhances the safety and serenity of the complete spa experience further.

As well as the many health benefits a Sunbeach HydroSpa can offer - it's also the perfect setting for socialising and enjoying downtime with family and friends.

Our ethos is about nurturing a deeper connection with our loyal customers. We are using 21st century engineering to create an unrivalled spa experience whilst offering supreme value.

We use state-of-the-art filtration and sanitising systems to protect you and your loved ones, employing active anti-bacteria and UV light technologies.

“Through sculpted warm water a Sunbeach Spa has the power to relieve, rejuvenate, and rekindle the spirit of youth”


Energy Efficient +Pro Planet

The plan for our Go Green initiative is to promote climate-friendly solutions in the hot tub industry. Inspired by our R10 +R18 insulation - you can feel confident that you are investing in a quality spa that will stay hotter for longer and has the lowest costs to operate.

By listening to our customers and offering better spa options we have been gaining significant ground in the industry.  

Sunbeach Spas offer the lowest monthly operating costs in the industry, so there’s no need to turn down the temperature. Our award winning R10 +R18 insulation systems will maintain the heated spa water for longer - add our thermal covers to keep the spa always hot - ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

We are Here to (Cradle) +Support You

Sunbeach Spas offers UK nationwide support - from the day you buy your hot tub or swim spa - Day ONE - right throughout the life of your spa.

Sunbeach Spas is a customer-centric manufacturer, and we are completely committed to providing a high quality service and solid hot tub warranties. 

Whether it’s speaking with our friendly customer service team or scheduling a maintenance visit, Sunbeach Spas takes away any worries of spa ownership and maintenance. 

Our spas are only delivered and installed by highly trained teams with a full on-board parts facility. We have dedicated technicians ensuring a prompt and efficient after-sales service.


Awards +Distinction

We know what it means to make spas to commercial use standards and we are a supplier to some of the largest holiday park’s in the country. Our spas offer high reliability +high performance - exceeding industry standards.

Sunbeach Spas ranges won multiple award-winners of the coveted WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards and Bath Bliss is proud of our partnership.


Healthier +Happier

Get healthier and happier and lose weight with a professional Sunbeach Spa hot tub that will cost you less to operate and last you a lifetime.

Invest in your very own at-home spa and make professional hydrotherapy a part of your family routine all year-round.



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