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🛒 Order TODAY to LOCK-IN Price - Live Chat NOW 💬

Why Shop With Us

We want to tell you why we are the best business for your needs. Our customer service is exceptional, we strive for 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.

This is just the beginning of all the reasons that make Bath Bliss stand out from the competition.

Certified High Quality

Bath Bliss products are the best quality.

We have gone to the next level and realise that a statement like that needs backing up. Its easy to say we have the best quality items available like other companies, all of our suppliers are hand picked after we have worked through the many suppliers worldwide who did not make the grade.

We work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure they adhere to the strictest Quality Managements in the world today whilst securing exclusive deals only available to BathBliss. This means we get the best deals and you get the lowest price.

˜We do not cut corners with cheap inferior quality items, and we prove our quality."

Many of our certifications are issued by SGS Germany, which is regarded as the premier quality management centre in the world today.

Certifications include CE (EMC, LVD), ISO 9001:2000, ETL, ETS, C-TICK, ROHS, GS, and SAA to name a few...

Under no circumstances do we compromise on quality for price or cut corners. We do not follow other companies, whose goal is simply to make the profit margin as large as possible.

Product Liability Insurance

Most major companies carry or should carry Product Liability Insurance. We are one of the few companies that carry this type of insurance. It is very expensive but protects you should a problem arise with your product.

In the event there is a claim made due to a product malfunction, you would need to be able to collect on your losses. Without this insurance, the company you bought your product from could simply go out of business leaving you to deal with the mess.

Many of the online stores, auctions and companies who sell products similar to ours do NOT carry this insurance and/or the company they buy from does not carry it. You would need to check with each company you consider buying from to ensure they have proper coverage.

Comprehensive Warranties

Buying cheap may result in little or no after-service support. Check that you are supported in the event of a breakdown and for how long your product is guaranteed. Here at Bath Bliss we made sure that all of our items include a comprehensive warranty as standard and this it show on the individual item pages.

Furthermore, this warranty must be backed by a company you believe will still be around to service your warranty if a problem occurs. It is no good being offered a 2 year warranty only to find the company is no longer contactable after 6 months, as is the case with many cheap, fly-by-night companies.

Leading Bath, Steam, Sauna, & Hot Tub Technology

We are at the forefront of whirlpool bath, sauna, and steam room technology. We receive all the latest models and technology and are often far ahead in the market. The Bath Bliss team is dedicated to making sure that you receive the absolute best in sauna, steam, and bath technology and information.

Environmentally Friendly

All the material we use is non-allergenic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our wood comes from renewable forests. Furthermore, we ensure that the elec electric parts are certified and energy efficient. Not only does this save energy, but money as well. We also go a step further and ensure that all of our products are manufactured to ROHS standards, which restricts the release of Hazardous Substances.

See at Home Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our products and that you will be satisfied, so if you are not happy with any aspect of your product when it is arrives, you can send it back for a full refund less the cost of collection.


the Bath Bliss team

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