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Differences Between a Health Mate® and Other Leading Infrared Sauna Brands

We talk a lot about the benefits of infrared saunas, but we wanted to take some time today to explain what sets Health Mate® apart from other sauna brands.

For starters, the Health Mate® Infrared saunas are made with unique materials.

First we have the grade 'A' -  Western Red Canadian Cedar wood, your sauna is predominantly wood, about 80% in fact - so the choice of wood really does matter. 

Next we have the incredible Tecoloy infrared heaters. They are the culmination of decades of research and development. 

Finally these special infra-therapy sauna cabins are lovingly assembled by Health Mate® technicians, themselves - this is their level of commitment to you. 

What Makes Tecoloy® Heaters Unique?

Health Mate® infrared saunas are unique because they not only offer deep penetrative heating for your body -  this heat (produced by Tecoloy elements) also provides a whole host of  benefits for both your mind and physical well being.

Health Mate® does not outsource the manufacture of their saunas. All Health Mate®'s infrared sauna models are made in house, by their own team. Which means total control over sauna build and operational quality.

Enjoy the deep, natural scent of Canadian cedar, the Health Mate sauna cabins come with a lifetime warranty. Compare that to imported competitors who use lower quality hemlock wood and don’t support their products with a meaningful warranty. 

In choosing the perfect infrared sauna to install, choose quality over price.

Although cheaper infrared saunas may seem like a wise buy today, only Health Mate saunas have ‘Made for Human Healing’ infrared technology (Tecoloy®) therapy heaters that help relieve stress, improve circulation, and so much more. 



Lowest EMF Levels

Health Mate® infrared saunas release the lowest EMF (electro magnetic frequency) output of any major sauna brand.

A Good Thing When It Comes to Infrared Saunas?

High EMF means the release or transmission of a higher output of radiation. Exposure to higher levels of radiation can over time lead to unwanted side effects.

The best way to be safe is to choose an infrared sauna brand that is safe, has a proven track record in the field and all the necessary safety credentials.

For Health Mate®, the vast majority agree that it helps manage and improve conditions (even medical professionals are sometimes at a loss as to how and why it's been so effective). 

Made with Grade A - Canadian Red Cedar (CWC)

There are many different types of wood in the world, one type is the preferred choice for Health mate® saunas and that’s Canadian Red Western Cedar.

  • Can withstand high levels of temperature without cracking under pressure.

  • Naturally antimicrobial

  • Has a deep, natural scent

  • Phytoncide - volatile organic compounds released by trees to protect themselves from bacteria, fungi and pests - also beneficial for our health

  • Nutrient rich

  • Moisture resistant

Canadian Western Cedar wood lasts a lifetime, Health Mate believes it’s the best choice for saunas - and at Bath Bliss we definitely agree!

For every fallen tree, 10 new trees are planted by Health Mate (a company with environmental credentials too)

There are many benefits of using an infrared sauna 

The Health Mate® infrared sauna is not only a great way to heat your body during freezing weather But, it can also be used for detoxing and relieving stress. 

This healthy, non-invasive therapy is proven to be a great method for reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and helping to boost your immune system. 

Infrared rays heat the body from the inside out rather than just warming you externally as an electric heater does (think of the warm glow when sitting in the sun, on a warm summer’s day).

This type of heat therapy has demonstrated healing by increasing blood circulation, improving lymphatic drainage, and reducing muscle tension.

It will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed after spending just 20 minutes in one!

How effective is it?

There are many case studies from real customers who use Health Mate® infrared sauna treatment and find it to be a very effective therapy - over a regular infrared sauna, in say a gym setting

For a whole host of ailments, from common aches and pains to chronic conditions that even doctors find hard explaining.

Use Health Mate® infrared saunas for relieving stress and to relax as part of your daily regimen.

Sauna usage is most effective for getting relieved after a long and tiring day.

(It is however worth checking in with your doctor, people that are diagnosed with pre-existing heart conditions may be best advised to use saunas for short durations and with caution)

Planning on purchasing your first IR home sauna - research and read reviews!

Upon planning on buying your first sauna, do thorough research on the benefits it gives, the risks it might give, and read reviews from people that have tried and tested and own the product.

Testimonials from people that regularly use the product are the most reliable sources of information to trust when it comes to deciding which infrared sauna is best for you.


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