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Weight Loss FAQ's

Do infrared saunas help you lose weight?
Infrared sauna use increases heart rate, metabolic rate, and cardiac output, helping you use and burn more calories.
How often should you use an infrared sauna for weight loss?
More effective weight loss is achieved by using infrared sauna therapy between 5 - 7 times per week.
Has anyone lost weight from the far infrared saunas?
People that spent 45 minutes four times a week lost between 7 - 15 percent of their body fat* within 16 weeks. (*diet and behaviour dependent)
Do you really burn calories in an infrared sauna?
You can burn calories at about 600 calories per half hour - by using an infrared sauna.
How much weight can you lose with an infrared sauna?
You will be losing water weight, which calculates 500 - 700 calories in a half-hour session.
Can infrared heat melt fat?
Infraheat can penetrate the skin upto 1.5 inches deep, accelerating the fat-burning process.
How many calories does a sauna burn in 30 minutes?
Between 500 - 700 calories are burned per 30-minute session.
How many minutes should you sauna?
Staying 20 to 30 minutes is enough to burn calories, a continuous session means more calorie burn.
Is a cold shower good after a sauna?
Wait for 5-10 minutes to let your body cool off before taking a cool or cold shower.
Should I sauna before or after a workout?
Infrared saunas should not be a replacement for regular warm-ups, using a sauna after a workout leads to better results over time.
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