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Transforms Warranty

When purchasing a TRANSFORMS®  Wall Bed, the customer agrees to read and follow all instructions outlined in the assembly manual. Failure to follow all of the instructions may result in property damages and/or injury.

BATH BLISS and TRANSFORMS®  will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or injuries resulting from the failure to follow all instructions properly and carefully.

We strongly recommend taking due care and attention and time in the assembly of your furniture, or any third party professional and insured contractor with experience in Murphy Wall Beds/ Sofa Wall Beds + flat-pack furniture assembly.


  • The warranty period for furniture is 24 months from the date of receipt of the furniture.

  • The warranty period for the mechanisms used in the production of Transforms® furniture is 10 years.

What is NOT COVERED Under Warranty:

  • The warranty does not cover mechanical damage caused by improper use.

  • The warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear

  • The warranty does not cover damage due to natural accidents/ disasters

  • The warranty does not cover damage resulting from proper use of the wall bed.

  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by faulty assembly and installation.

  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by using harsh cleaning solutions.

  • The warranty does not cover custom modifications.

Warranty Repair:

The warranty is implemented by repair, and if it is impossible, by replacing the components with new ones.

Complaints should be submitted in writing to the guarantor's address, by e-mail to the address  or   call: 0800 001 6555

The guarantor has 14 days to respond to the complaint. The guarantor ensures the collection of items accepted for warranty repair. The time for repair is up to 60-90 days, but the guarantor reserves the right to extend this period due to the fact that some components are imported from abroad.

The guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the provisions on the warranty for defects in the goods sold.

Return +Cancellation

  • ALL Bespoke items cannot be cancelled once the production starts.

  • ALL Bespoke items cannot be returned/refunded once delivered.

  • Incorrect Orders (Size/Fabrics/Panels/Quantity) cannot be cancelled/returned/refunded.

  • Once you have taken mattresses or mattress toppers out of their original packages, you cannot return them. If you wish to test a mattress or mattress topper please keep it wrapped until you are sure you want to keep it.

  • If any of your items return looking like they’ve been used or damaged, the item will only sell at a reduced value, in which case you will be charged for that loss.

Final Provisions

  • BATHBLISS is not responsible for interruptions in the use of the BATH BLISS for technical reasons (maintenance, inspection, replacement of equipment, etc.) or other reasons beyond its control.

  • The differences between the visualisation of the product available in Bath Bliss resulting from the individual settings of the client’s computer (colour, proportions, etc.) cannot be the basis for a complaint.

  • BATHBLISS and TRANSFORMS® reserves the right to change the regulations. Changing the regulations becomes effective within the time limit indicated by the store, not less than 7 days from the moment of making the amended regulations available on the website. Orders placed by customers before the changes in the store regulations are implemented according to the existing provisions of the regulations.

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