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Safe +Toxic Free Saunas

There is much more than meets the eye, when it comes to selecting which type of wood best suits an infrared sauna.

The use of optimal and sustainable materials should also be a priority on the checklist of . Health Mate is a PEFC compliant company.

Build quality, durability and the ability to withstand moisture for many years are major topics of consideration  when purchasing a personal sauna. 


When you’re looking to purchase a sauna, not all woods are created equal.

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There is an extensive selection of wood types used in the construction of infrared saunas on the market, and they each have their benefits and drawbacks. 

With all the recent research on toxic woods, it's important for infrared sauna cabin builders to use materials that are sustainably sourced. 

Infrared cabins should be built with natural wood from sustainable forests and avoid any treatment or finishing that can release harmful chemicals into your skin during a session. 

Wood Glues for Sauna?

The purpose of a sauna is to improve your wellness, but if you use anything that will compromise the benefits or be detrimental in any way then it will take away the maximum possible benefits.

Phenols are aromatic chemicals that frequently occur in nature and can be found on some kinds of wood. They may have a pleasant smell to them, but it oftens leaves you with an offensive odor.

Phenols are naturally occurring compounds found in wood that give it its characteristic fragrance. 

For most people, phenols do not cause any harm. However, for some individuals, they can lead to allergic reactions or sensitivities. 

Phenols can enter your body through inhalation and skin absorption, its best to wear gloves or protective clothing when handling this kind of material.


Don't be fooled by the name, "composite woods," these materials are made from a mixture of wood fibers and other binding agents. Composite wood often contains formaldehyde (an irritant as well as a known carcinogen).

The construction of a sauna should be limited to natural materials like wood and clay. Oils, stains, laminates, glues, or putties can release toxic fumes into the air during use, potentially causing respiratory problems. 

The heat and humidity of a sauna are likely to cause these materials to degrade prematurely anyway. 


What is non-VOC glue? Non-VOC glue is a chemical adhesive that doesn't release toxic fumes. The formula for these adhesives is created to limit the number of chemicals released into the air during application or use.

The only safest glue that can be used in a sauna is non-VOC glue.


For a sauna to be toxic-free and eco-friendly, the construction of the sauna should be made with toxic-free woods. The heater should be clinically tested.

The assembly of the sauna should be made with non-VOC glue or with screws and a magnetic locking system. It prevents cracks and warping of the wood, plus it provides a better seal.

Get in touch with Bath Bliss if you have any questions and invest in a sauna that provides all-round wellness, for many years to come.

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