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Sunbeach Spas | Extended Description

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Aristech Logo

Aristech is a leading provider of acrylic in the USA, the surface finish stays bright after years of use and the colours do not fade.

This Acrylic implements Bio-Lok® which resists bacteria build and also makes the surface easier to clean while resisting stains such as dye, ink, or crayon.

Silver White Marble has long been the most popular hot tub colour. A touch of grey brings dimension to the white-base sheet, providing a subtle linear pattern to the hot tub.

R-10 Insulation

When a hot tub is not properly insulated it will take much longer for the water to heat up and higher running costs.

Sunbeach Spas have developed unique techniques to insulate the hot tub body better than any other spa manufacturer.

Introducing R-10 - this patented insulation material is installed on the skirt and above the tub tray to assist the heat from electrical equipment transferring to the plumbing.

According to a recent study, a hot tub with R-10 insulation and an R-10 hardcover can save up to 41.3% more energy than a standard hot tub shell without a hardcover.

Double Filtration System

We used cutting-edge filtration membrane technology to equip our spas with a dual filtration system. The filters capture debris and oils as the water flows through, keeping the spa water crystal clean and pure.

Double Filtration System

The double filtering system catches anything that may have slipped through, ensuring you have the safest and healthiest spa while also decreasing the burden on a single filter, which means you won't need to replace it as often.


Hydrotherapy Redesigned

Sunbeach Spa experiences are designed from the ground up, breaking the design mold in the application of new emerging technologies: with the goal of creating the perfect spa based on total customer comfort.

Enjoy our easy-to-use touchscreen panels and adjustable jets that offer a personalised and ergonomic hydromassage.

Sunbeach Spa hydro jets are strategically positioned to offer the optimal relief to high-tension areas, primarily the neck, shoulder, and low back regions - moving down to the lower leg and feet areas too. Our spa designers and technicians have taken great care to create deep cradling seating and comfortable footrests.ts.

“Through sculpted warm water a Sunbeach Spa has the power to relieve, rejuvenate, and rekindle the spirit of youth”

Whisper-quiet sound dampening and insulation technology enhances the safety and serenity of the complete spa experience further.

As well as the many health benefits a Sunbeach HydroSpa can offer - it's also the perfect setting for socialising and enjoying downtime with family and friends.

Our ethos is about nurturing a deeper connection with our loyal customers. We are using 21st century engineering to create an unrivalled spa experience whilst offering supreme value.

We use state-of-the-art filtration and sanitising systems to protect you and your loved ones, employing active anti-bacteria and UV light technologies.




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