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Sunbeach Spas +BALBOA: Breaking Through Technologies

Balboa is the global leader in spa technologies

At Sunbeach Spas we exclusively use Balboa technology to power our hot tub spas. We are proud of our strong working relationship with Balboa.

Balboa Water Group is a global supplier of control systems and equipment for the leisure water industry. With over two decades of dedication to innovative design and development, Balboa has a complete line of hot tub products from which to choose.

The core of Balboa Water Group, is a fundamental commitment to the leisure water industry to provide a simple, comprehensive, single source solution to our product range that include the highest quality products in electronic control systems, jets, pumps, white goods and accessories. 

Our dedication to excellence and quality for more than three decades has earned us the  position as the premier, single source provider of innovative designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing, with an unsurpassed reputation for reliability world-wide.

Our latest key product offerings in innovative design and technology include:

● The next generation of spa controls

● Menu driven and touch panel topsides

● Diagnostic tools

    The comprehensive single source solution from Balboa Water Group means customers streamline operations, reduce inventory and supply chain costs and improve overall productivity.

    Whether our customers need controls,heaters, water sanitization products, wireless remote devices, lighting, entertainment, therapy jets, white goods and fittings, or diagnostic tools, we are their one stop shopping destination. 


    At Balboa Water Group, we combine pioneering product designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability to bring better spa solutions to market.

    At Balboa, we offer an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to topside panels. From intuitive, one-touch menu navigation with world-class performance, to superior functionality, Balboa's topside panels are packed with the latest technologies, and engineered to deliver a better experience



    Naturally purify your water with an Ultrazo₃ne™ that is up to the challenge. 

    With Balboa's Ultrazo₃ne™ technology, you can clear away impurities from the water, killing bacteria and other contaminants resulting in cleaner and clearer water that leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. Disinfect your water naturally.

    With over three decades of innovative designs, Balboa Water Group is proud to offer a diverse portfolio of world-class products for your whirlpool bath or hot tub. One of Balboa’s key differentiators over the years has been our ability to drive invention that enables our customers’ long-term success. 

    Market changes have never occurred at a faster pace than we are seeing today. At the heart of each of these needs – usability, flexibility, and manufacturability is our core competence of providing custom solutions around our product lines. Balboa is focused on driving the opportunities created by these needs, and creating value for our customers and their end users.


    6S - Principles

    6S Process and Lean

    Effectively ensure a satisfied customer 

    • Delivering our products and services quickly and efficiently

    • Continually improving process flow and speed

    • Consistent teamwork

    • World-class practices 

    Our Dedication to Excellence

    Balboa Water Group is the industry leader in supplying quality products to our customers.  We have committed ourselves to continuous process improvement in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

    BWG has invested substantial resources in training, inspection procedures, and capital improvements to guarantee our customers' complete satisfaction. 



    ● BWG holds certifications under the following credible, independent standards.

    ● We undergo regular audits to assure our systems are in compliance.

    ● Underwriters Laboratory (certificate numbers: WAGN.E88384, WEBS.SA 7549).

    ● CSA International. Click here to view our listing.

    ● International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

    ● Additional BWG listings can be found under file numbers: 22639, SP-4833, SP-1188.

      Our Quality Assurance Department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art inspection and assessment equipment to ensure our customers receive products to their exact specifications.

      BWG boasts highly-refined business improvement practices and have successfully implemented 6Sigma and 6S business improvement principles. 

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