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Sauna Maintenance FAQs

Is it safe to put the chromotherapy remote in my sauna?
Keep the remote outside the sauna and away from any heat
Can I install my infrared sauna outside?
Yes, make sure to keep it under a waterproof covering, and make sure the wires are not exposed to any water or moisture.
The reading light burned out in my sauna. What type of bulb should I replace it with?
60-watts or less is acceptable.
What should I do to keep my sauna clean inside?
For quick cleaning (after every use) wipe down the interior with a damp washcloth using distilled water.
For deep cleaning (Every 6 months) scrub down the sauna with warm water and even use fine-grit sandpaper.
How do I reset my Health Mate® sauna?
Switch off. Wait 10 minutes before unplugging the sauna and then plug it back in.
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