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  • Our Health Crisis: 2021

Chemical exposure has been a part of human evolution for as long as we’ve been around. 

Many chemicals are present in our homes and our environment, such as metals and persistent chemical pollutants to substances commonly used. Read more...

  • Why Infrared?

Infrared treatment or Infratherapy has been proven to provide a wide range of health benefits including detoxification and improved immune function.

There are many reasons why we should all be using an infrared sauna for health enhancement.

It's good for the skin, helps relieve chronic muscular and joint pains and increases blood circulation. Read more...

  • What’s Ultra-low EMF and ELF

ELF-EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronic devices such as microwaves and mobile phones, are a new area of study for scientists.

You would think that this type of radiation doesn't have any effect on human health but there's some conflicting information about its effects beyond cancer risks.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second. Read more...

  • Infrared Sauna VS Traditional Finnish Sauna

Finnish-style sauna is an ancient practice used for centuries to both cleanse and provide health benefits. Today however, many people are now turning towards infratherapy or infrared heat therapy. It’s the modern cousin of the Finnish sauna.

Infrared sauna is increasingly popular in these health conscious times due to its ability to alleviate a plethora of modern ailments and conditions. Read more...

  • Mind +Body Sauna Wellness

When used properly, a sauna helps our body's natural defenses become activated and primed.
The sweat glands produce an increased number of antibodies that fight off viruses and infections while increasing circulation in the blood vessels.
Your body heats up deeper, which means you get a deeper bodily cleanse while sweating out toxins more effectively. Infrared wavelengths can detoxify organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs. Read more...

  • Why do You Love Your Sauna?

Sauna therapy helps reduce inflammation and helps improve cardiovascular function.

It increases blood flow throughout your body, and over time lowers the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
Infratherapy can reduce the prevalence of high blood pressure becoming a persistent condition. Read more...

  • What is Tecoloy™ ?

Experience the difference in Infrared Technology.

  • Differences Between a Health Mate® and Other Leading Infrared Sauna Brands

We talk a lot about the benefits of infrared saunas, but we wanted to take some time today to explain what sets Health Mate® apart from other sauna brands.

For starters, the Health Mate® Infrared saunas are made with unique materials.
First we have the grade 'A' - Western Red Canadian Cedar wood, your sauna is predominantly wood, about 80% in fact - so the choice of wood really does matter.
Next we have the incredible Tecoloy™ infrared heaters. They are the culmination of decades of research and development. Read more...

  • Omni-mWave 360° +Why it's a Big Deal?

The world's #1 heater company, Health Mate has created the ultimate far infrared heater - designed and engineered to perform for a fundamental well being experience ensuring health benefits full circle.

State-of-the-art Omni-mWave 360° heaters, will allow you to experience a new wave of powerful infraheat therapy that delivers powerful far infrared heat. Read more...

  • What is Sauna ChromaTherapy?

Your Health Mate® sauna comes complete with built in ChromaTherapy to accentuate your healing experience.

Here are some benefits of specific Colour Light Therapies. Read more...

  • Healthy +Tasty Sauna Drinks (Ice-Cold Treats Worth a Try)

Hydration is so important but admittedly, water’s a little boring sometimes. Then there are times when your body really needs more than water to rejuvenate and replenish what you washed out in the sauna.
You know the feeling. You're sitting in your infrared sauna and you think "gosh, right about now I could really do with a cold refreshing drink."

Well, it's time to ramp up that infrared sauna game with some tasty drinks!

Get ‘em ready for when you finish your next IR sesh! Read more...

  • Intermittent Fasting + Sauna - Learn About the Amazing Benefits

Intermittent fasting is a trending weight loss technique done by most Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. Intermittent Fasting can be enhanced through the use of an infrared sauna.
It helps in detoxifying your body while also boosting metabolism for long-term health benefits like improved immunity to diseases or reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Read more...

  • A Trees Journey

Some people think the most important part of a sauna is the wood, while others argue it's all about the heating method.
The truth is both - are integral to the sauna experience. You need both heat and wood to make an infrared sauna. Read more...

  • What’s Ultra-low EMF and ELF?

ELF-EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronic devices such as microwaves and mobile phones, are a new area of study for scientists.
You would think that this type of radiation doesn't have any effect on human health but there's some conflicting information about its effects beyond cancer risks. Read more...

  • Not all Infrared Light is the Same +Why Tecoloy is Best for Humans?

The body's natural healing abilities are optimised when infrared light is delivered in controlled doses.

Tecoloy® has been clinically proven to deliver a more intense dose of infrared energy than any other type of heat infra-therapy. Read more...

  • How to Alleviate Arthritis Pain with Infrared Sauna Therapy

Arthritis is a very common condition that affects the joints, causing pain and can lead to reduced mobility.
There are methods to manage the pain of arthritic conditions. Knowing what works best can be difficult to find out due to the complex nature of bone structures and the progression path of the arthritis. Read more...

  • Having an At-Home Infrared Sauna (in Your Home)

Infraheat therapy helps relax and detoxify your body amongst other amazing benefits.
Sweating is a natural way for toxins to be released, and the convenience of owning a sauna is making a lot of people enjoy ‘sweating it out’ in the comfort of their own home. Read more...

  • Infrared Sauna Therapy for Relaxation

This therapy can be regarded as a form of alternative medicine - using heat from infrared light sources to relax the body.This type of treatment is becoming increasingly popular because it's a natural way to release toxins and promote healing.
It has been used for centuries in many cultures and provides benefits such as pain relief, improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, and increased mental clarity. Read more... 

  • Infrared Sauna Therapy - Can it Help Improve My Mood?

During this time of difficulty that we are living through, cases of depression and anxiety have risen sharply. A novel way to combat these feelings is through heat therapy - specifically infrared sauna therapy.
Search if there is any place that is local to you that offers these sessions. It would be the best way to discover if it's something that you might respond positively to. Read more...

  • Infrared Sauna Therapy for Skin Health (know the facts)

Infrared sauna therapy is a 'relatively' new therapy that is showing promising results in the treatment of all manner of skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea. (Health Mate invented the 1st infrared sauna in 1979)
The frequency emitted by far-infrared rays is similar to the natural wavelength - produced by intracellular moisture molecules, that make up more than 70% of the human body. Read more... 

  • What are Tecoloy™ Heaters all About?

Tecoloy Heaters are a new type of heater designed by the Health Mate Sauna company. Health Mate Sauna is the global patent holder for this most innovative and effective infrared heater called ‘Tecoloy’.
The Tecoloy heater is different from any other infrared heater because it uses proprietary technology and innovative design to generate human-specific heat using an infrared source.
It is a powerful heater, yet safe - making it the best choice for all the family to use.
Backed by a lifetime warranty, it is the most reliable of infrared heaters. Health Mate Tecoloy Infrared heaters are tested and certified to be above the industry safety levels with ultra low EMF and ELF levels. Read more...

  • 7 Reasons Why Canadian Western Cedar is Perfect for a Sauna

Western red cedar is an excellent choice for building a sauna. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and it smells great! If you're looking to build your dream home, or just need the best infrared sauna in the world, look no further than our store.
We offer sauna products made of protected, naturally fallen Canadian western red cedar and have the knowledge to help you find what you need.
Western red cedar is perfect for saunas because it has natural anti-bacterial properties which keep the cabin smelling fresh all year round. Read more...

  • 9 Benefits of Using Sauna Treatment - by Dr Berg - Edited by the Blissy Team

Hey guys, today we're gonna talk about the sauna and using dry heat treatment to improve your health.

The benefit of using a dry sauna is quite extensive. Read more...

  • Go Infrared or traditional Finnish? Learn what Sauna System is BEST for You.

The ancient practice of sauna bathing has been shown to provide a real health benefits and feeling of overall wellness within.

The heat from the burning wood helps eliminate toxins and sweat provides relief for tension and muscle soreness while releasing built-up fluids that can help you feel more energetic too.
In the search for an infrared sauna, you will often come across a finnish of 'traditional' sauna. What is the difference between them? Is one better than the other? Which is right for you and your family? The answer may surprise you! Read more...

  • How Does an Infrared Sauna Work?

Two types of saunas are used today. The most common type is the infrared sauna, but there is also the traditional sauna. Traditional saunas heat up the room using a wood-burning fire. A chimney must sit overtop the fire to keep eye irritants and smoke out of the sauna.

This method can be effective for creating dry heat, but it also takes a long time to heat up the sauna room. Sometimes it may even take all day, depending on the size and design of the room itself. Read more...



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