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Immune Boost FAQs

Can a sauna boost your immune system?
Regular sauna usage can strengthen your immune system, by training your body to adapt to fast and high temperature changes.
How does it help with the immune system?
It strengthens the body’s immune system by stimulating the increased production of white blood cells.
Does infrared sauna help with colds?
Yes, infraheat therapy raises your body temperature that can kill harmful microbes.
Is infrared sauna good for autoimmune disease?
Infraheat causes you to sweat out toxins and treat autoimmune diseases by decreasing chronic pain.
Is it safe to use an infrared sauna everyday?
Greater results are achieved with daily or continuous usage of an infrared sauna.
Can the infrared sauna help in avoiding colds?
Regular Infraheat therapy can help avoid some common colds.
What is the safest sauna type?
Infrared saunas are considered the safest and most effective sauna system.
Is an infrared sauna good for the flu?
An infrared sauna is a perfect way to relax and detoxify, especially when fighting the flu.
Does infrared sauna increase white blood cells?
Infraheat therapy stimulates your cells making more white blood cells.
Can you sweat out a virus in a sauna?
You can avoid catching common colds, but may not be suitable for the treatment of a viral infection.
Is sweating a good sign when sick?
Sweating is a sign that your body is fighting off your cold/flu infection.
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