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HigherDOSE™: Safe +Toxic Free Sauna Blanket

"This sauna blanket has been an essential part of my healing and detoxifying lifestyle protocol"

 A total game changer for sure! Aside from eliminating toxins through stool and urine, sweating is yet another way that we detox and release toxins through our skin, so it’s just as important.

The Blanket

A lot of saunas at health clubs emit EMF’s that are off the charts which goes against the whole point of doing a healthy sauna session! So it’s something to be aware of because EMF’s are not healthy and cause inflammation amongst many other health problems.

So something that’s really cool about this infrared sauna blanket is it’s been tested and verified to be low EMF. In fact, it’s the lowest EMF sauna blanket on the market!! 


How Do You Measure Sauna Blanket EMF?

Studying the effects of EMFs on people involves an accurate assessment of exposure to these fields and doses that a person receives as a result. 

Exposure is defined by field strength or intensity over time, while it can be through an induced electromagnetic field (EMF) within the body - which reflects how much energy is given off from inside your phone.

UNPOWERED HigherDOSE™ Sauna Blanket: 0.3 mG

POWERED ON HigherDOSE™ Sauna Blanket: 0.66 mG

Safe EMF should not be more than 3.0 mG. The HigherDOSE™ Sauna Blanket is only at 0.66 mG!

How does Excessive +Unsafe EMF Affect Your Body

The possible risk on human health is of paramount concern to most of us, and numerous studies have been conducted in order to answer this question.

Excessive, unsafe and prolonged exposure to high ELF-EMFs levels can potentially lead to cancer developing - just like unsafe use of sunbeds and exposure to environmental pollutants. We are learning and still trying to figure out the behavioral  relationships between exposure and development, in demographic cohorts.


What Makes HigherDose™ Sauna Blanket Safe?

The electric and magnetic waves we are exposed to in our daily lives range from 5-50 V/m for the intensity of an electrical field, 0.01-0.2 μT for a magnetic field, which is considerably lower than what's needed to break down molecules (roughly 1 kV per metre).

The Threshold of Concern level for ELF is 1,000 mV. HigherDose™ Sauna Blankets are tested to have lower than 18.3mV compared to other brands that have more than 100 mV or more than the threshold of concern.

Take Away

HigherDose™ Infrared Sauna Blanket offers soothing infrared heat that will leave you feeling euphoric and fully rejuvenated.

In today’s hyper-tech world, it’s more important than ever to provide your body with regular detoxification and reduce exposure to electromagnetic frequencies as much as possible.

"Customer Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority. This is how we select brand partners"

Team Bliss



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