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Health Mate Sauna Cabins | Extended Description

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Our patented Tecoloy heater delivers 360 degrees of Omni-mWave heat with up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater. It also has the fastest temperature heat time, of all major brands.

Tecoloy is the only infrared heater on the market that’s UL listed. Certified non-toxic and every heater comes with it’s own individual serial number.

Tecoloy Omni-mWave vs Standard Infrared

What makes Health Mate® products unique?

Enjoy the deep, natural scent of Canadian cedar.

The Classic range not only offers deep penetrative heating for your body, these saunas also provide a whole host of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Health Mate® does not outsource the manufacture of their saunas. These special infra-therapy sauna cabins are made in house, by their own experts and technicians.

Resulting in total control over sauna build and operational quality.

Health Mate® was the first company in the US to sell infrared saunas in 1979.

It  was also the first to offer a Lifetime Warranty with all their products.

In choosing your perfect infrared sauna, choose quality +function over price.

Although cheaper infrared saunas may seem like a wise buy, only Health Mate® saunas have ‘Made for Human Healing’ infrared Tecoloy™ therapy heaters that help to:

  • boost immune strength

  • improve sleep

  • minimal effort cardio workout

  • relieve stress

  • improve circulation

  • Learn more: A better you starts today

Lowest EMF level

Learn more: What’s Ultra-low EMF and ELF

Why is this a good thing when it comes to infrared saunas?

High EMF means the release or transmission of a higher output of radiation. Prolonged exposure to higher levels of radiation can over time lead to unwanted, adverse side effects.

The best way to avoid this harmful radiation is to choose an infrared sauna brand that is

  • Scientifically proven to be safe

  • Proven track record of 42 years

  • Safety certifications

Why infrared sauna is better than traditional Finnish sauna?

Tecoloy Omni-mWave vs Traditional Finnish

Glass VS Wood 

Aesthetically an all-glass sauna front does look the business. It is however not the optimum choice for an infrared sauna.

A mostly glass front will lose around 40% in heat production and little less in infrared seepage ~ 30%.

This will greatly reduce the health benefits and end up costing more - making it about 50% less energy efficient.


The radiant heat source from the Classic 1.0 Sauna surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your muscles, joints, and muscle tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation.

Using Tecoloy Omni-mWave infrared heat helps to remove more impurities and toxins from your body like the heavy metals from our water supply and food chain chemicals like fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. Learn more: Our Health Crisis

In a Health Mate Sauna there is less than 20% of waste heat seepage. Most of the heat, over 80% - directly affects the body. The result is deeper tissue penetration and better health outcomes - all while keeping energy costs ultra low.

Features and Benefits

  • Time - Out – Sit back, relax and fully unwind, this personal sauna is packed full of features including: Tecoloy™ Omni-mWave heat systems, digital controls, audio for aural-therapy, light for chromotherapy and aromatherapy to engage all the senses, simultaneously.

  • Infra-Therapy  Tecoloy™ far Infrared +full spectrum light energy is the safest and most efficient source for healing and detoxifying the human body. It produces wavelengths of electromagnetic (3-1000 microns) light energy that cause the body to be heated from within, as opposed to near infrared or ceramic heaters which create surface heat (think of standing in the Sun, on a summer's day). Learn more: Not All Infrared heat is the same

  • Canadian (Grade: A) cedar – Classic sauna cabins are made beautifully with durable Cedar wood. Designed with an easy and convenient assembly locking clasp system that allows for a super quick assembly. Learn more: Assembly and Disassembly Video Page’



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