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Having an At-Home Spa

Owning an at-home spa/hot tub is one of the luxuries you can buy for a better living. But, if you are looking for something to make your home better, you may incorporate an at-home spa with your backyard!

A hot tub can also be used for socialising, or for treating illnesses, such as chronic pain. An at-home spa is indeed an investment for both your well-being and your home.

Immersing in a hot tub can be your private and safe place where you can relax, and improve your overall health. 


Relax in a Hot Tub

Owning an at-home spa is bliss.

Indulging in the delight of hydro-massage from the hot tub jets is the perfect way to unwind. With just the right amount of heat that ranges from 36°C to 38°C (90°F-100°F), you can experience absolute peace.


It helps in getting rid of all your fatigue. And the sensational feeling of the bubbling water against the skin helps will also makes you feel the calmness and leaves your body feeling invigorated. 

To enjoy hydrotherapy at the maximum, a total silence while you soak your body in the hot water is the best way because it will help your mind filter all the distractions, resulting in more effective hydrotherapy.



According to the law of Archimedes, some exercises in the water are made easier, while others such as walking are more difficult. Pain may be relieved due to the effects of pressure and temperature on the nerve ending and as a result of muscle relaxation.

Recently, Geytenbeek reviewed more than 500 papers, 34 of which fulfilled the criteria for further analysis. Eighteen of them assessed pain relief, ten of which provided moderate to high-quality evidence.

Four trials were on patients, two patients with low back pain, and one each on patients with ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia. In all but one trial, the pain was significantly reduced compared to control groups.

The trials suffered by not being double-blind since the patients receiving hydrotherapy exercised in pools while controls were exercised on dryland. In one of the trials, the control sat in the pool bud did not exercise, and it showed no improvement.

Water immersion for 60 minutes reduced proximal interphalangeal joint circumference in patients with rheumatoid arthritis as well as controls.

Hall et al. Found that a seated immersion group had no benefits over land-exercising, relaxation-treated group, confirming their hypothesis that the exercise component of hydrotherapy is of central importance in reducing pain and joint tenderness.

Health Benefits 

Fights Infection and Injuries

A hot soak will increase the production of endorphins in the body, which are also known as the body’s “pain killers” and are associated with emotions.

Dipping in a hot water increases the rate of blood flow in your body, resulting in an increase in circulation of the immune system’s white blood cells, which enables it to work faster and more efficiently. 

Endorphins will also stimulate the immune system, alleviating pain, and helps in healing the tissues faster.

Helps Clear Respiratory Infections

When your body fights lung infections, they move the ‘remains’ of organisms it has killed out of your body through mucus.

Inhaling hot water, particularly incorporated with medicated compounds like menthol, helps in alleviating the constriction of swollen lung canals and air sacs, by allowing fluids and mucus to move out of the lungs more readily, and oxygen into the lungs more efficiently. 

Breathing steamed liquid helps in clearing mucus and fluid out of your lungs, which is important in helping your body clear an infection as quickly as possible.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation From Arthritis and Rheumatisms

The inflammation in surrounding muscles and connective tissue is caused by a combination of cellular reactions to injury and a buildup of fluids.

The increase in the blood flow caused by hot tub water will help the muscles relax, and lessens stress and pressure on joints, alleviating pain from arthritis and rheumatism. 

When the blood flow is increased, it makes the body reabsorb fluids faster and heal the injury faster, helping reduce inflammation over time.

Prevents Headaches

Headaches are often caused by high pressure in the arteries of the skull, so lowering the blood pressure helps prevent it from happening. 

When blood vessels dilate, the physical space which the blood needs to fill in the body increases, resulting in an overall systemic blood pressure decrease.

In addition, stress may also be the culprit of constricted blood flow to the brain, and because hot water hydrotherapy treatment help alleviate stress, it means that the onset of stress-induced headaches will also be limited. 

Helps in Blood Sugar Control

Hydrotherapy is especially helpful in alleviating painful symptoms in people who have a harder time exercising than those who do not. 

Recent studies about hot tub therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that It is easier to control plasma sugar levels and weight when soaked in hot water for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. 

The increased blood flow, which mimics exercise and decreases the activity of the endocrine system while increasing blood circulation to and from tissues, plays a role in the body’s ability to maintain glucose levels. 

Reduces Symptoms of Nerve, Muscle or Connective Tissue Diseases 

Since hot water hydrotherapy has a calming effect on the nervous system and it also helps increase blood flow to soft tissue, it can decrease the demands on neurons, the stress in the muscles, and increase the flow of oxygen to soft tissues, which aids in healing 


Regular hot soak in your at-home spa provides several health benefits, such as preventing headaches, blood sugar control, and more.

Hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy is a good choice for anyone who wants to be more active, without doing vigorous workouts.

Sunbeach offers the ultimate at-home spa experience, with their quiet filtration systems that let you hear the songbirds at dusk and relaxing music of nature at night.

With their powerful pumps, it will deliver deep, soothing massages, relaxing your sore muscles while enhancing joint flexibility. 

If you have any existing health issues, such as heart disease, or pregnancy, make sure to consult your doctor before soaking!



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