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General Sauna FAQs

What is infrared heat?
To the naked eye - An invisible radiant energy. Think of it as - human made sun rays.
How does a far infrared sauna work?
It heats your body directly with infrared heat, stimulating your metabolism, immune system, lymphatic system and your cardiovascular system.
What is a full spectrum infrared sauna?
Full Spectrum is an expression that refers to Far- Near- Mid Infrared device emitters.
How does it help pain?
Far infrared sauna use can help promote the rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts.
What can I expect after a sauna session?
After your sauna session you'll be feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. You may notice a healthier glow in your skin, as you would expect to see after an intense workout.
Can infrared light give you cancer?
Infratherapy light in very rare cases, can cause thermal injury, but there is no risk whatsoever of skin cancer from exposure to infrared sauna therapy or infrared light. Please refer to our article on EMF and ELF…
Does infrared sauna boost the immune system?
High heat raises your core body temperature, assisting in boosting natural immune benefits.
Do Infrared Saunas reduce stress?
Regular sauna use will help you relax and improve the quality of your sleep patterns.
My doctor said I need to detox, will this help?
Yes, most people are traditionally used to detoxing in saunas through sweating.
Does sauna reduce cortisol?
IR sauna temporarily disrupts cortisol levels.
Can I still use an IR sauna if I have cancer?
Please seek your doctor's approval first. Infrared therapy rebuilds your immune system that may counteract the effects of chemotherapy.
Is infrared light good for your face?
Infrared radiation can stimulate collagen and elastin in human skin cells.
Is it dangerous?
The infrared heat emitted from the advanced ‘Tecoloy’ heating system is 100% safe and natural for our bodies. The wavelength is on the human spectrum. Learn more about it here…
How far does infrared light penetrate skin?
Low-power infrared light: 2mm.
High-power infrared light: 3mm
Why is infrared sometimes called “fever therapy”?
The radiant heat goes to the cellular level and raises the body’s core temperature giving you a ‘healthy fever’
What is the healthiest type of sauna?
Infrared saunas make you sweat more and decrease your overall heart rate.
Does red light therapy tighten loose skin?
Red light or infrared therapy keeps you from losing any collagen (bye-bye wrinkles!)
Should you wipe sweat in the sauna?
Sweat and the function of perspiring is a natural cooling mechanism. It's okay, not to wipe sweat away - unless it’s causing some irritation to the skin
Can I use infrared sauna therapy every day?
For best results, you should use three to four days per week for maximum benefits.
If I am diabetic, how will this help me?
Far infrared light helps regulate insulin flow from the pancreas.
I’m diabetic, my doctor said I can’t use a sauna.
An infrared sauna can balance blood pressure, making it safe for use even for diabetic people.
In the beginning what temperature should I set in my Health Mate® infrared sauna at?
Between 40-55 celsius (110-130 F) is a good starting point.
How long will it take to heat up to work a really good sweat?
It takes about 10-15 minutes to preheat a Health Mate infrared sauna. The sauna will heat to 165F (75c) in 30–40 minutes and 190F (88c) in less than 60 minutes.
Why is cedar wood best for a sauna?
Cedar wood is nutrient rich. It’s a very high quality of wood, It’s naturally antimicrobial and moisture resistant too.
How do I prepare for an infrared sauna?
Drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothes.
If I am new - how long should I sit in a sauna at first?
In the beginning 5-10 minutes is a good starting point.
How long does it take to sweat in an infrared sauna?
Depending on the heat intensity, it takes about 10-15 minutes before you break out into sweat.
What should you wear in an infrared sauna?
The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Loose cotton based clothes with plenty of room best.
Is a sauna good after a workout?
Spending time in the sauna after a workout can have positive effects on heart health.
Do I get in the sauna before or after my workout?
Either way will be fine because it warms your body up before work out and remove lactic acid after work out.
What do you do after an infrared sauna session?
Take it easy and walk slowly, sudden movement may cause you to feel dizzy.
Should you shower after an infrared sauna?
It's recommended to take a shower before and after. Take a hot shower first to bring your body up to temperature. And after the sauna session take a warm to cool shower to rinse away the sweat and excreted toxins.
Does infrared sauna burn fat?
Yes, one 30-minute session at a temperature of around 120F (50 degrees celsius) can help you lose up to 600 calories.
Is a sauna good for someone with COPD?
The infraheat from a hot dry environment dilates airways and increases airflow. This helps clear the lungs of mucous plugs.
Should you drink water in an infrared sauna?
Yes, plenty. Make sure to hydrate before you enter the sauna. It's very important to maintain bodily fluid levels during your sauna and afterwards too.
Can infrared penetrate clothing?
Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye. They can penetrate through clothes and any support braces.
Does infrared sauna help with inflammation?
Infrared sauna therapy is known to reduce inflammation, which is beneficial to the human body. It can help heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diseases.
Is infrared sauna good for lungs?
Sauna can help people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis due to it's warm, dry environment.
Will an infrared sauna help my nerve pain?
It is an effective way to help restore normal sensory function by assisting sensitivity of neuropathic pathways.
Can infrared damage the brain?
Infrared technology uses light waves to transfer heat to a given area and poses no risk to your brain (Pineal gland)
Can an infrared sauna help a cold?
Infrared sauna use increases lung capacity and regulates breathing.
If I don’t have pain, why do I need a sauna?
An infrared sauna provides wellness, not only for curing injuries/diseases.
How does this benefit athletes?
It is the most effective way to get rid of the body of lactic acid.
Who cannot use the infrared sauna?
High-risk pregnant women, children under 5, people with low tolerance to heat and undergoing chemotherapy, and people that are under the influence of alcohol.
Who is restricted from going in the personal infrared sauna?
High-risk pregnant women and people currently on chemotherapy.
Is it safe for children?
It is safe for children, just ensure moderate temperatures and give them breaks/intervals.
Is the sauna safe for children?
Yes, but only for ages 10 and above with time limitation, temperature moderation, and an adult's supervision.
Do I receive constant heat from my Health Mate® infrared sauna?
Yes, Health Mates® Tecoloy۟ heaters emit optimal infraheat you desire.
What is the optimum infrared wavelength for an infrared sauna?
6-12 microns, that can penetrate 1.5 inches and more to the body safely.
How long can I be in my personal infrared sauna?
Between 15 minutes and maximum of 45 minutes per day.
What happens when you sauna everyday?
Improves blood vessel function and exercise capacity.
Is any glue used on any part of the saunas?
NO – vegetable and water based agents are the only adhesives used.
Are your heating panels carbon or ceramic?
100% Organic Carbon.
Why is low-heat better than high-heat to induce a sweat?
High-heat’s build-up can cause degenerative diseases over time.
I want to stay longer in my sauna but the seat is getting too hot. What can I do?
You can tap the button above the power button to turn this lamp on and off.
I can find this type of sauna on the internet. How is this company different?
Health Mate are the #1 Personal Infrared Sauna Company in the US and UK, We made the world’s first Infrared sauna in 1979, so we are different because of our expertise.
Am I too far gone for this to help?
No, infrared can help boost your immune system, detox, and lots of different health benefits.
I have a metal plate, will it hurt that?
If your metal plate doesn't hurt while you are under the sun, it goes the same way inside an infrared sauna.
How soon after surgery can you use an infrared sauna?
You can use a sauna in as little as 24 hours of stitches/ staples being removed.
Are there any side-effects?
Excessive heat can in rare cases cause heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. You will mostly only experience health benefits.
Do your saunas contain fireproof metal conduit over all of the wires?
All wires are covered by fireproof metal conduit.
Is the assembly and disassembly easy?
Assembly for Health Mate Infrared Sauna is quick and easy. It can be done by two people with no special tools needed. Please refer to the video here…
What is the delivery and return policy on my infrared sauna?
Here’s the Delivery +Returns Policy
What kind of power supply do I need for a Health Mate® sauna?
13 Amp UK 3 Pin Plug (20 Amp Circuit)
How much does it cost to run?
Health Mate Classic 1.0 Infrared Sauna Cabin: £0.18 Cost per 20min Session (18p)
Health Mate Classic 2.0 Infrared Sauna Cabin: £0.27 Cost per 20min Session (27p)
Health Mate Classic 2.3 Infrared Sauna Cabin: £0.31 Cost per 20min Session (31p)
Health Mate Classic 3.0 Infrared Sauna Cabin: £0.34 Cost per 20min Session (34p)


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