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Tecoloy OmniWave 360° +Why it's a Big Deal

Tecoloy® heaters are known for their 360 degrees of dual wave heating, which provide up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater.

Tecoloy Omni-mWave 360° +Why it's a Big Deal

In addition, it has the most agile heat-to-temperature time and is guaranteed to emit the lowest EMF ratings.

“A Health Mate® sauna is a perfect and safe solution for achieving detoxification, recovering after exercise, and cutting weight. The heaters used are by far the best in the industry. I welcome anyone to find a better-infrared sauna on the market.” - Dr. John Fitzgerald, MD

Infrared Radiation

Infrared radiation is invisible, but you can feel the warmth it emits. Infrared radiation is heating an object directly and not the air or the surroundings.

Infrared saunas emit infrared radiation, which makes you feel the warmth quicker.

infrared radiation

The most natural and greatest source of radiation is the sun. During 1960's, infrared radiation was known as giving off a healing source of heat.

Infrared radiation was then used to help premature babies in an incubator to maintain their body temperatures. 

It is not only helpful for premature babies but it is also used by many physical therapists in healing injured muscles and by aestheticians for beauty treatments, like treating eczema and other skin conditions.


Health Mate® infrared rays heat your body from the inside and out. It works differently than you’d expect. Unlike classic saunas, it does not heat the cabin, but rather it heats your body directly.

Tecoloy Omniwave Cabin

The heat improves circulation, helping your muscles get more blood and more oxygen resulting in increased muscle relaxation, flexibility and elasticity.

Health Mate® infrared rays have the most positive effects on your health, they have been making IR saunas for over 40 years! so I know the field well. Using Health Mate® infrared sauna 2 to 3 times a week helps alleviate chronic muscle pain.

The specific amount of infrared wavelength is an most important thing in an infrared sauna. There is a specific range of wavelengths that is most effective and safe for the human body.

Wavelengths of infrared radiation can range between 780 and 10,000 nanometres. The wavelength determines the effect of infrared radiation on your body.

Infrared waves that range between 5,600 and 10,100 nanometers are the only amounts of wavelengths that have a therapeutic effect - a deep level of therapy.

Only Health Mate® uses infrared rays vibrating your body cells at 6,340 nanometres - the perfect resonance - and warms up our body from inside and out - 

The 6,340 nanometres is the most precise wavelength that can reach your body cells and that results in a long-term health benefit.


What Does Infrared Radiation Do To Your Body?

The infrared radiation sets the microscopic water molecules in your body into motion, and it produces heat at 6,340 nanometres. Your blood circulates better, more efficiently. 

It helps alleviate muscle and joint pains, regenerating cells, and boosting your immune system. You will not only feel this during your IR sauna session but the effects last long after your session.

They generate infrared radiation with the safest amount of wavelength, specifically at 6,340 nanometers. It is higher than the rest.

infrared radiation women on health mate sauna cabin

The heat from the infrared radiation in a Health Mate® infrared sauna penetrates deeper into your body’s cells. 

After your body is warmed up, you will start to sweat and lose your body fluids which consist of 80% water and 20% toxins. You will burn calories by only sitting inside the sauna cabin.

Blood circulation stimulates and increases your heart rate, the same thing you feel while exercising. The difference is that you don't have to move a muscle. You only have to relax and lay back in the cabin.


Tecoloy® Heater: Beyond Compare

Tecoloy® is the only omni wave heater combining mid and far-infrared utilising high-density heat.

It produces 99.5% emissivity. Emissivity is the ability of a material to absorb and release energy by infrared heat. The higher the emissivity, the faster you sweat.

The faster you sweat, the more toxins your body will release. As a result, the Tecoloy® heater produces more beneficial infrared heat.

Reasons why Tecoloy® radiation is great:

  • Health Mate®'s radiation is perfectly insulated, making you enjoy your infrared session in complete safety.

  • The infrared rays are 100% dispersed.

  • Its coating guarantees minimal energy loss and optimises the radiation distribution.

  • It can resist high temperatures and corrosion because of the alloy of chrome, titanium, aluminum, nickel, and it is surrounded by a layer of Tecoloy®.

Health Mate® is the only company able to achieve the safest and most effective level of heat. It emits 2 infrared wavelengths, doubling your overall health benefits, for the ultimate health and wellness sensations.

With omni-mWave technology, you achieve higher core temperatures at faster speeds while maintaining the full detoxification benefits of far-infrared heat.

These state-of-the-art heaters will allow you to experience a new wave of powerful heat therapy that delivers powerful far-infrared heat. 


Ultra-low Electromagnetic Radiation

Computers, mobile phones, microwaves and TV screens all generate electromagnetic radiation. 

Unlike the amount of electromagnetic radiation released by the devices mentioned above, Health Mate® infrared saunas produce minimal electromagnetic radiation signatures. 

on sauna emf test

According to the most recent tests done, Health Mate® infrared saunas emit below 1 milligauss of electromagnetic radiation, the same as a standard lamp.


Choosing a sauna is a big investment for your overall wellness. You have to consider a lot of things, not only the design or the size of the sauna.

You have to carefully choose a sauna that not only makes you sweat but should cause any adverse effects.

All kinds of infrared saunas make you sweat. But, only Health Mate® infrared saunas give maximum health benefits.

The Health Mate® Classic range brings together the world’s most advanced infrared sauna heating technology, Tecoloy™ Omni-mWave 360, with beautiful cedarwood to offer the most effective therapy cabins.

Read more about the health benefits infrared sauna therapy can offer in our blog.

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