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Buyer's Guide: Sunbeach Spas Hot Tub/Swim Spa

The Hot Tub Buying Guide: 3 Essential Steps to Help You Purchase a Spa


Step 1: Why buy a hot tub? Establish your reasons for purchasing

Buying a hot tub is often considered a major purchase, and it is one of the best investments you can make for your body, mind, and home.

There are many reasons to consider buying a spa, so it’s important to understand what you are looking for, what benefits are available to you, and how to find the right spa and accessories that meet all of your demands.


Step 2: Select the right hot tub brand

Deciding which hot tub is right for you might seem overwhelming at first when you consider the hundreds of companies, options, and price points. Because hot tubs vary in size, features, and costs, it can take quite some time to choose the spa brand that is ideal for you.

Here are a few important points to consider to help you narrow down which hot tub brand is best for you.

1. Reviews and reputation

When you invest in a spa, it’s important to read about other user experiences and keep them in mind as you begin your search. Utilize the information available to you, while remembering that not all reviews should be considered equally. Try to stick to verified buyer reviews, and read the positives and the negatives alike.


2. Construction and reliability

Conventional hot tubs are typically constructed with wood or metal frames, which are intended to support the shell, plumbing, and insulation, and potentially protect the components from elements. Most spa companies direct their creative focus on the shell—or interior—portion of the spa, which is generally made from acrylic, and the plumbing, which powers the jets. But if your hot tub will be situated outside, there are other factors to consider, like rain, snow, and sun. Wood frames can rot, and metal frames corrode.


3. Energy efficiency

When a hot tub is not properly insulated it will take much longer for the water to heat up and higher running costs.

Sunbeach Spas have developed unique techniques to insulate the hot tub body better than any other spa manufacturer.

Introducing R-10 - this patented insulation material is installed on the skirt and above the tub tray to assist the heat from electrical equipment transferring to the plumbing.

According to a recent study, a hot tub with R-10 insulation and an R-10 hardcover can save up to 41.3% more energy than a standard hot tub shell without a hardcover.


4. Jet therapy options

Hot tub jets are largely considered the most important feature of a spa. People love the relaxing massage hot tub jets provide, but it’s important to know that not all hot tub therapy options are created equal:

The ideal hot tub will have the following:

1. Multiple pumps with high horsepower to get the water to the jets

2. Smart plumbing that reduces friction and allows for maximum jet power

3. The correct mixture of water and air for just the right massage intensity

4. A variety of jet types and locations for full-body relaxation

5. Jet customization options to personalize your spa experience

Step 3: Choose a hot tub model

1. Spa capacity

Consider How many people will be using your spa.

What is the main purpose for which you are buying your hot tub? For some, it’s intended as a place where family and friends relax together and strengthen relationship bonds. Others intend for their spa to be a place where they can escape into quiet thought and unwind. Still others will make the purchase for the medical benefits.

Whatever your purpose, it’s important to consider the number of people that you expect will be using it and keep this number in mind when looking at seating options.

2. Installation location

Where do you want your hot tub? Most spas are installed outdoors, often on a patio or on a deck.

You can also install your spa either fully or partially inground. Some people even put their hot tubs indoors.

Once you know where you want your spa to go, you should take exact measurements of your chosen space so you can be sure you are looking at spas that are within those parameters.

Also, consider the space you’ll need for any additional spa features you want, such as steps or cover lifters.

What is the best month to buy a hot tub?

Another way to get a great deal on your hot tub of choice is to buy it at the right time.

Hot tubs are a seasonal product, with dealerships making the most of their sales from Easter through to the end of the school summer holidays.

Brands release their new models between Christmas and April ahead of this summer rush. It’s a great idea to head to the retailers during these months, as there’s a chance you’ll land a great deal on the models being replaced since dealerships will be keen to shift them to make room in their warehouse for the latest and greatest models.

Showrooms often have January and Black Friday sales, so it’s well worth holding out for those too.


A quality hot tub isn’t cheap nor expensive, it’s so important to do your homework before you splash the cash on a new home spa.

Follow the advice we’ve laid out in this guide to make sure you get the perfect hot tub to suit your preferences, your budget, and the space you have to play with.



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