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Buyer’s Guide: Sofa Wall Bed

Gone are the days where sofa beds were a necessary nuisance in the home. There once was a time when these pieces of furniture, as functional as they may be, were an eyesore that only served their purpose once in a blue moon – but now, as design changes and our needs adapt, too, the humble sofa bed is making a comeback.

Also known as sofa sleepers, sofa beds have their place in most homes. If you’re thinking about introducing this versatile, practical and ultimately, aesthetically-exciting furniture item into your home, there are a few things you should know first.

Keep reading to discover our complete buying guide for anyone considering purchasing a sofa bed.


● Size

● Functionality

● Comfort Level

● Style


Where we once had no choice in the matter, the size you select for your sofa bed is now a big decision. Once again, this ties into need and the existing space you’re working with. 

If you only plan on unfolding the sofa bed two or three times a year, then the surrounding space might be a little less important to you than how many people your piece can seat in couch form. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning on leaving it made up as a bed, or regularly hosting guests, you’ll want to make sure the whole sofa bed isn’t obstructing prime real estate, or obscuring the ‘walkability’ of the room.



Step one is assessing your needs. We harp on about this all the time, but it’s true – knowing exactly what you want and ultimately, require, to truly get the most out of a furniture piece is key to its longevity in your home. 

In terms of sofa beds, you’ll want to consider, first and foremost, ease of use. While most sofa beds are quick and simple to put up and pack down, there might still be some outliers, so thoroughly check the mechanism of the piece you’re considering, and ensure you’re content with how it works. 

There’s nothing worse than buying something big for your home like a sofa bed, only to avoid using it at all costs, or worse, be fed up with it in a number of weeks.



When trying to match your sofa bed with the furniture and decor items already in your space, think about the core features of the big statement pieces. What colour is the wood? Are there any particular shapes at play? Are the furniture legs straight or curved; simple or intricate? 

By answering some of these questions, and essentially putting together a style profile for your room, you’ll get a better idea of where your style ‘fits’. Then, finding a sofa bed will become markedly easier, as you’ll be able to take some of these elements and translate them into your new purchase.


Comfort level

While the majority of 21st century sofa beds are pretty darn comfortable, it’s still important to prioritise this aspect going into the purchase process. Understuffed, or alternatively, overly-firm sofa beds can translate to a terrible night’s sleep, so it’s key you get it right before there’s time for that to eventuate!

When browsing sofa beds, carefully consider its cushions from both a seated and lying down perspective. High-quality and generous foam filling will keep all users comfortable, whether they’re using the piece as a sofa or a bed.

Foam will also hold its shape over time rather than moulding around users’ bodies, a characteristic of your standard, fluffy polyester stuffing. 

Always try to give your sofa bed a test run before you say yes – it’ll do the world of good, giving you an idea what it’d be like to both sleep and sit on it before committing to such a big purchase.

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