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Bath Bliss Sauna FAQ's

What is infrared heat?
To the naked eye - An invisible radiant energy
Is it dangerous?
The infrared heat emitted from the ‘Tecoloy’ heating system is 100% safe and natural for our bodies.
How do I reset my Health Mate® sauna?
Wait 10 minutes before unplugging the sauna and then plug it back in.
What can I expect in an infrared sauna?
After your sauna session you'll be feeling refreshed and notice a healthier glow in your skin that you would expect to see after an intense workout.
What is a full spectrum infrared sauna?
Full Spectrum is an expression that refers to Far- Near- Mid Infrared emitters.
How long should it take an infrared sauna to heat up?
It takes about 10-15 minutes to preheat your infrared sauna
Can infrared light give you cancer?
Infratherapy light can in very rare cases cause thermal injury, but there is no risk whatsoever of skin cancer from exposure to infrared sauna therapy or infrared light.
Is infrared light good for your face?
Yes! Infrared radiation can stimulate collagen and elastin in human skin cells.
Does red light therapy tighten loose skin?
Red light keeps you from losing any collagen (bye-bye wrinkles)
Should you wipe sweat in the sauna?
Sweat is a natural cooling mechanism, so it's okay, not to wipe sweat away - unless it’s causing irritation to the skin
Can I use infrared sauna therapy every day?
For best results, you should use three to four days per week for maximum benefits.
What temperature should I set in my Health Mate® infrared sauna?
Between 40-55 celsius (110-130 F) is a good starting point.
How much does a Health Mate sauna weigh?
1-2 Person – 200+ kgs
1-3 Person – 230+ kgs
1-4 Person – 250+ kgs
What is the total surface area of heat covered by your saunas?
1-2 Person = 29 sq ft of surface area heat
1-3 Person = 38 sq ft of surface area heat
1-4 Person = 43 sq ft of surface area heat
How long does it take to start sweating in an infrared sauna?
Depending on the heat intensity, it takes about 10-15 minutes before you break out into a sweat.
What should you wear in an infrared sauna?
The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Loose cotton based clothes with plenty of room are best.
Should you shower after an infrared sauna?
It's recommended to take a shower before and after. Take a hot shower first to bring your body to temperature and after the session take a warm to cool shower to rinse away the sweat and excreted toxins.
Does infrared sauna burn fat?
One 30-minute session with a temperature of around 120F (50 degrees celsius) can help you lose up to 600 calories!
Should you drink water in an infrared sauna?
Make sure to hydrate before you enter the sauna. It's very important to maintain bodily fluid levels during your sauna too.
What should I do after an infrared sauna session?
Take it easy and walk slowly, sudden movement may cause you to feel dizzy.
Can infrared penetrate clothing?
Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye. They can penetrate through clothes and any support braces.
Does infrared sauna help with inflammation?
Infrared sauna therapy is known to reduce inflammation, which is very beneficial to the human body. It can help heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diseases.
Is it OK to sit in an infrared sauna every day?
An average person can use a sauna for 30-45 minute sessions 3-4 times a week.
When should I use an infrared sauna before or after a workout?
You can reap the benefits of IR sauna anytime.
Does infrared sauna boost the immune system?
High heat raises your core body temperature, assisting in boosting natural immune benefits.
What is the healthiest type of sauna?
Infrared saunas make you sweat more and decrease your overall heart rate.
Will an infrared sauna help my nerve pain?
It is an effective way to help restore normal sensory function (neuropathic pathway)
How do I prepare for an infrared sauna?
Drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothes.
If I am new - how long should I sit in a sauna at first?
In the beginning 5-10 minutes is a good starting point.
How soon after surgery can you use an infrared sauna?
You can use a sauna in as little as 24 hours of stitches/ staples being removed.
What happens when you sauna everyday?
It will improve blood vessel function and exercise capacity.
Is a sauna good after a workout?
Spending time in the sauna after a workout can have positive effects on heart health.
Is infrared sauna good for lungs?
It can help people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.
Can an infrared sauna help with a cold?
Infrared sauna use increases lung capacity and regulates breathing
Can infrared damage the brain?
Infrared technology uses light waves to transfer heat to a given area and poses no risk to your brain (Pineal gland)
Do Infrared Saunas reduce stress?
Sauna use will help you relax and improve the quality of your sleep patterns.
Is a sauna good for someone with COPD?
The infraheat from a hot dry environment dilates airways and increases airflow through them. This helps clear the lungs of mucous
Is infrared visible?
Infrared radiation can be detected by humans in the form of heat, but not as visible light waves. /h5>
Does the sauna raise your heart rate?
Infraheat will increase your heartbeat rate and raise your blood pressure.
Is sauna good for blood clots?
IR sauna use can cause clot dilation which increases the flow of blood and helps decrease a person’s risk of thrombosis or clotting in the veins.
Do saunas make you live longer?
There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that regular sauna use increases longevity. Frequent visits to a sauna are however associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke susceptibility.








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