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Damage claims | All packages are 100% insured.


When purchasing ARTE Furniture Products, the customer agrees to read and follow all instructions outlined in the assembly manual. Failure to follow all of the instructions may result in property damages and/or injury.

Bath Bliss Limited and Arte-N will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or injuries resulting from the failure to follow all instructions properly and carefully.

We strongly recommend taking due care and attention and time in the assembly of your furniture, or any third party professional and insured contractor with experience in Murphy wall beds + flat-pack furniture assembly.

Arte-N furniture saves space and saves the environment and are committed to utilising materials and manufacturing technologies that minimise the negative impact on the environment.

Every component of our furniture is carefully sourced from suppliers who adhere to sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

All wood-based components we use are FSC Certified and are safe for your home and our planet.



  • You must let us know within 5 days of delivery if something is damaged, faulty, or missing from your order as this speeds up the claims process, otherwise it may take extra time for the courier service to investigate the claim.

  • You also have 14 days from the day of the delivery to contact us if you decide you want to return some or all of your order.



All Arte-N internal opening mechanisms and metal parts are covered by a 2 Year limited factory warranty against manufacturing defects.

Arte-N and Bath Bliss offer a 2-year limited warranty on all beds, storage cabinets, wardrobes, desks and furniture from the Arte-N brand covering defects in workmanship and material quality. This coverage applies to the original buyer and is not transferable. 

Limited warranty coverage starts on the day of delivery.

In the event the defects are found, Bath Bliss will, at its discretion, repair or replace defective parts.

 What is not covered under the 2-year limited warranty:

- Damage due to normal wear and tear.

- Damage due to natural disasters

- Accidental damage or damage resulting from improper use of the furniture.

- Damage caused by faulty assembly and installation.

- Damage caused by using harsh cleaning solutions.

- Custom modifications.

Defects in manufacturer workmanship are covered by the limited warranty, such as:

- Missing parts

- Incorrect placement of screw holes and joints.

- Inconsistent sizing of furniture parts.

- Defects in material finishes and integrity.

Our sofas and other upholstered products are manufactured using strong and light woods for the frames, and pre-treated commercial grade fabrics to last a lifetime in any home.

2-year limited warranty extends to cabinetry,  internal frames and covers any manufacturer defects in the construction and integrity of the furniture.

Damage caused by improper cleaning, scratches, gouges, stains, heat marks, watermarks, imprints, ink, abuse, neglect, settling of cushions, shrinkage, wrinkling of fabric, and normal wear is not covered under warranty.

All Limited Warranties apply only to furniture used in residential settings with a climate-controlled environment.

Please email or call 0800 001 6555



Return Collection:

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a collection service for returning an unused item, arrangements would need to be made by yourself to return the item to us.


Return Condition:

  • Please be aware that unwanted items must not have been used and must be received back in pristine condition so they can be resold. This means that you would be unable to return an item that you have assembled.

  • Refunds are issued within 30 days of receipt of goods and ONLY after we have inspected them for damage.

  • If any of your items return looking like they’ve been used or damaged, the item will only sell at a reduced value, in which case you will be charged for that loss.

  • We reserve the right to withhold all or part of your refund if items are returned damaged, so we encourage you to return your item in its original packaging. Please ensure the item is really well wrapped with sturdy and impact absorbing material.

  • Once you have taken mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows out of their original packages, you cannot return them. If you wish to test a mattress, mattress topper or pillow please keep it wrapped until you are sure you want to keep it.


Returns and Exchanges:

  • Naturally we endeavour to deliver all our furniture in good condition. At Arthauss we have spent many hours talking to our suppliers about packing and shipping our products so they arrive safely. We are constantly looking for ways to improve these standards. Our stores also pride themselves on having the best delivery teams in the business.

  • It is disappointing for you and us when occasionally things go wrong. When your order has been unwrapped in your home and there are signs of transit damage, this is what to expect: If the furniture is usable, despite the damage, we are happy for you to go ahead and use it.

  • The Arthauss delivery team will complete an incident report form to record the problem. They will ask you to sign it. They may also take photographs to accompany the paperwork. The Incident Report form will be returned to the delivering store. It will be logged against your order number, and assessed for action.

  • Bath Bliss/ Arte-N technicians will contact you and arrange to visit and repair the problem to manufacturing standards. If he/she cannot resolve the matter on the first visit and parts are required, we will endeavour to source them as quickly as possible. In the event that a repair cannot be made, we will replace the furniture, or give a full refund.

  • The goods that are deemed faulty revert to the ownership of Arthauss and must be in our possession before monies are refunded. A full refund shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise.



Attention / How to / Read me / Owner's Guide

  1. Furniture must be attached to the wall made of brick, concrete, partition dry board or similarly strong material. Wood or metal stud mounting is also acceptable. 

Paper-mache and sheetrock like walls are not suitable. Do not mount furniture to paper-mache or sheetrock like material as improper mounting may cause injury to person(s) and damage to property.

  1. When mounting on regular drywall, furniture must be fastened to wood or metal studs. Do not mount furniture to paper-mache or sheetrock like material without properly fixing to studs.

  2. For safety and product longevity you must periodically inspect the mounting and mechanical connections for integrity and tightness.

  3. Wall Bed mattress thickness may not exceed recommended limits. Doing so keeps the mechanism free of obstruction and unnecessary stress. 

  4. Do not lean or rest heavy objects on the side or top of furniture. This may cause balance issues and compromise the integrity of your mounting connections.

  5. Please use beds, desks, and shelving as intended. Not designed to be sat, stood, leaned, jumped (etc) on. Improper use may cause personal injury and damage to property.

  6. With seasonal humidity change, you must inspect the interior and exterior of furniture.

  7. Single, Double, Small Double, King Size and Super King Size beds accommodate the weight of one person. Improperly sleeping more than one person risks injury to person(s) and damage to property.

  8. Before any unmounting or disassembly please contact Bath Bliss for technical support and instruction. Failure to properly detach risks injury to a person and damage to property.

  9. It is important to remove excess pillows, blankets, and fold the headboard before closing the unit. Failure to remove obstructions and then forcing operation of the unit may cause damage to property and/or person. If the bed is stuck, do not force it! Please contact Bath Bliss for advisory information for further clarification.

  10.  For Bunk Beds:

  • Always use the provided ladder when accessing the top bunk.

  • Be slow, careful, and aware of the surroundings when opening the top bunk.

  • Do not jump on the bed base or frame. Beds are to be slept on only.

  • Some have legs that fully extend when open- be aware of where the leg is and will be.

This is the limited nature of the warranty period.

Thank you. Team Bath Bliss.

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