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Order TODAY - AVOID October PRICE Increase - Live Chat NOW

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Health Mate® Infrared Saunas use human spectrum infrared heat to detoxify your body, rejuvenate your skin, reduce stress, burn calories, and will give you that calm sauna glow - wellness sensation. Here are some of the amazing benefits:


1. Immuno Boost

Infraheat stimulates energy at the cellular level, increasing your body’s production of white blood cells. It warns our body against any infection or disease!

Infraheat helps you sweat out toxins and promote healing through increased blood circulation while raising body temperature near 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It not only stimulates your immune system, but it does so at a cellular level that provides an additional source of white blood cells and energy for your body.


2. Improves Lung Health

Infraheat enhances lung capacity and function, including potentially improving breathing for people with hay fever, bronchitis, fever, colds, and chronic respiratory conditions like asthma or COPD.

Studies suggest that using this therapy more often improves lung function by improving ventilation, vital capacity, and forced expiratory volume.

The hot, steamy environment of the sauna is far from just a form of physical exercise. 

With the health benefits that range in severity and type like reduced risk for pneumonia to relief for certain respiratory symptoms.

3. Reduce Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the inflammation of joint cells due to a deficiency in synovial fluid. The lack of oxygen causes swelling and pain.

Regular sauna sessions can be used as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and is often an effective therapy to reduce symptoms, but the more time you spend in one of these treatments, the quicker your relief will come. 

It’s possible that after doing this consistently over a long period, total remission could occur which would relieve all symptoms at once.

It is possible to find relief from inflammation without using toxic pharmaceutical medication with harmful side effects to treat cases of rheumatoid arthritis. 

This therapy has been shown to help patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and also reduce expressions of stress response in the body.

4. Helps Blood Flow

Far Infrared heat is proven to be the most natural way of increasing your blood flow and results in better oxygenation, not only makes you feel good but increases overall cell function and healing abilities!

A dramatic increase in blood flow can do wonders for your appearance. It helps to improve your hair, skin, erectile dysfunction and aiding with injury recovery or joint stiffness.

It is a fantastic way to get the most out of your body. It enhances nutrient and oxygen delivery, promotes optimal function, and regenerates organs for better health overall.

This treatment has no risk to healthy people. However, people with high blood pressure should use this therapy moderately.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Infrared sauna therapy increases blood flow that reduces inflammation, decreases pain, and aids muscle recovery all while feeling like you're having an athletic workout without ever even breaking into a sweat!

Inflammation causes many chronic illnesses. Infrared sauna therapy can reduce inflammation and is beneficial in treating diseases such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

This kind of therapy session is a great way to move closer to optimal health and vitality by reducing stress, inflammation, and chronic pain. 

It stimulates the production of endorphins which give you an overall sense of calmness while providing your body with oxygenation that combats illness or injury.

6. Improves Cardio Fitness

Infrared saunas heat the room to over 140 degrees. The temperature rise will increase heart rate, providing a cardiac workout that anyone can enjoy!

The heart will increase blood flow to stimulate the sweating process. This increased heart rate is very similar to that experienced during a good workout.

Infrared sauna therapy is more than just a way to relax after an intense workout. This therapy can be used for those who are not able to work out due to injury or muscle stress and strain, which makes it doubly useful!

7. Back Pain Relief

The infraheat generated by the infrared sauna reaches deep into your body, soothing muscles and ligaments while also opening blood vessels. It's perfect for people with sore backs who need a little relief.

This therapy has many benefits including increased relaxation rates and improved circulation throughout the body which is key for healing injuries or illnesses quickly and efficiently with less pain than traditional methods.

In addition to these soothing effects on both physical symptoms, stress reduction can be achieved sessions with this therapy.

8. Releases Toxins

The skin plays an important role in eliminating undesired toxins since it's your body's biggest organ!

It harbors many different types of cells including those specialized for excreting waste products like sweat from pores or oil.

Infrared sauna therapy is one of the best ways to remove persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals from your system. Infraheat penetrates deep into our cells where toxins reside, causing us to sweat deeply.

9. Helps Weight Loss

Sweating is a natural response for our body when it heats up too much. Infrared sauna therapy works by heating things even more so that people can get their bodies sweaty without heavy workouts!

The blood flow goes right to where heat accumulates after leaving other parts of your body untouched, metabolism leading to faster breakdown of fat cells.

Not only does the infrared sauna mimic cardiovascular exercise, but it also helps with weight loss! This is another way to reap all of these benefits without leaving your house.

10. Rejuvenates Skin


This therapy is the key to healthy, glowing skin because it boosts blood circulation and cell production in your facial area, leaving you a more youthful appearance.

It will also help break down bad toxins resulting in smoother-looking pores too. Infrared heat works wonders to make your skin look younger and more radiant.

Infraheat penetrates deep into the pores pushing out bacteria, sebum, toxins, and cosmetic buildup while rejuvenating your skin.

11. Improves Joint Health

Infraheat is known to help relieve muscular tension by increasing thermal energy to the muscles.

Muscles relax best when tissues are warm for greater flexibility and range of motion, so infrared helps with that too! 

The infraheat penetrates tissue, joints, and muscles to relieve any minor aches or pains. It treats chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia by decreasing the intensity of pain while speeding up recovery time.

The deeper heat that occurs during a sauna session also delivers more oxygen-rich blood - perfect for healing any potential injury sites.

12. Serotonin Boost

According to Dr. Charles Raison in his 2016 study on hyperthermia to treat depression, published in the Journal of American Medicine, 

 “Heat makes the brain happy.”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison raised the body temperature using infrared heat, and improved the volunteers experiencing major depression were treated with a single therapy.

It was very successful in alleviating some of their depressive episodes for up to six weeks after treatment.

“We think that using heat to stimulate the skin activates serotonin-producing cells in the midbrain, which then produce a change in how the brain functions.”

Infraheat produces sweat, detoxifying the body both inside and out; improving blood circulation while also releasing toxins.

13. Improves Sleep

Far Infrared saunas do not produce an intense, harsh temperature. Instead, it produces a gentle and soothing level of warmth - perfect for relaxation or improved sleep!

This therapy is a great way to relax and work up an invigorating sweat while receiving deep tissue massages. It calms your body and mind promoting a longer and more restful sleep. 

By warming up in an infrared sauna and cooling down after, it allows you to hack your body's thermoregulation process. Maintaining a cool body temperature is very important for falling and staying asleep.

14. Reduces Stress

Infrared saunas are a gentle and soothing therapeutic heat that feels great after you've worked hard all day. It's the perfect way to unwind, relax, and let your stress melt away.

This therapy is often prescribed to people who are feeling stress, anxiety, and depression. 

The heat helps you sweat from the inside out while leaving your muscles relaxed enough for a deep tissue massage session that feels like luxurious pampering without any of the usual stiffness or soreness following treatment.

15. Calorie Burn

Using this therapy, your body will burn upwards of 600 calories. It's not only a great way to get rid of some stress, but it also helps with weight loss and calorie burning too.

It increases the heart rate and burns calories! As you sweat, toxins are released from all over your skin--even in places that may not be reached by a regular workout routine.

One gram of sweat requires 0.568 kcal just from production - and a therapeutic session will have you sweating away 500 grams or more!

16. Relieves Muscle Pain

Infrared heat has a ton of benefits for athletes. 

It can relieve sore muscles, help heal them after they're damaged, and even release lactic acid to reduce muscle pain in tight areas. It also helps with blood circulation.

When your tissues are warm, and when this occurs they have more mobility which allows for greater flexibility. 

Thanks to infrared light inside a sauna it's not only easier but also helps with peripheral blood vessels dilating!

17. Collagen Uplift

Infrared saunas can boost collagen production, especially if you incorporate chromotherapy lights into your session.

Health Mates® Infrared saunas incorporate their units with chromotherapy lights, making every session the best!

Within 10 minutes, you can immediately start to sweat and feel the benefits. However, if you're looking forward to witnessing major skin transformation, continued sessions are necessary.

Chromotherapy utilizes different shades of light for healing purposes. For instance, the color red is used to build collagen and relieve pain while the color blue kills bacteria that cause acne outbreaks.

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