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Why do You Love Your Sauna?

1. Heart Health & Longevity

Sauna therapy helps reduce inflammation and helps improve cardiovascular function. It increases blood flow throughout your body, and over time lowers the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
Infratherapy can reduce the prevalence of high blood pressure becoming a persistent condition.

2. Athletic Recovery

In an infrared sauna, the body is subjected to 3 - 4 times more heat than in a traditional sauna (sometimes referred to as a Finnish sauna). 
This additional heat stimulates circulation and releases toxins from muscle tissue that leads to increased flexibility, reduced soreness, and a faster recovery.
The infrared waves help with lymphatic drainage which assists in removing fluids and waste trace metals from the body. 

All of these benefits make for a healthier athlete!

3. Arthritic & Muscular Pain Relief

Tecoloy® heat penetrates deep into your muscle fibres, joints, and skin layers to soothe your aching body. 

Sauna is particularly effective in relieving pressure on nerve endings near the surface of the skin. It has been proven to be beneficial for arthritis sufferers due to this nerve relief and results in reduction in inflammation in all muscle groups.
This therapy is an excellent way to alleviate physical discomfort caused by arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

4.  Improves skin health

Sitting in a sauna causes an increased heart rate and leads to lots of sweating - this cools core body temperature down, which in turn will lead to decreased levels of propionibacterium (acne causing bacteria).
There is research to suggest more dermcidin (PIF) is produced when experiencing intense sauna heat.
So taking regular sweat sessions will lessen the chances of unwanted breakouts.
The IR heat helps tighten the skin and helps give off that radiant (model) glow long after a session. 

5. Lower stress and anxiety

Infrared sauna sessions are a convenient way to boost mood and mental health. 
The infrared heat spectrum can increase the release of dopamine, an essential neurotransmitter that helps us to feel sensations of euphoria.
The endorphins released during sauna sessions heighten happy sensations producing feelings of reinvigoration, helping to rise out of any state of depression.
With just 30 minutes of exposure to broad-spectrum infrared rays - serotonin levels will rise to normal levels. This is up to 3 times more endorphins being released than if you were engaging in moderate jogging for 30 minutes.

6.  Preventative cancer therapy

Tecoloy® sauna technology is designed to create heat deep within your body without scorching or damaging skin cells like traditional dry steam soaks do.
Far-infrared treatment can also help you sweat toxins out through pores on your skin while simultaneously killing cancerous cells with hyperthermic conditions!
Cancer cells typically do not tolerate hyperthermia well because their vascular supply is less developed than say normal cells due to abnormal anatomy which makes them more susceptible during this period of exposure.

7. Fights infections

Most people who frequently use Infrared sauna are more than 65% less likely to catch a cold or influenza, which can lead to anything from mild discomfort like sneezing and coughing for weeks on end all the way up through life-threatening pneumonia.
The body’s core temperature also rises when we're in it, so this means our bone marrow produces higher numbers of white cells while the thymus generates an increased number of T cells (which fight off infections).

8. Detoxifies our body

The deep penetration of far-infrared energy helps open up blood vessels so that we can push out even more toxins from our system with greater sweating.
You will also be promoting lipolysis which breaks down fat tissue - a perfect opportunity to release those horrible toxin stores into your bloodstream where they can then leave via normal routes like urine or perspiration (who doesn't want to be better-smelling, naturally?).
Infratherapy leads to better liver and kidney health over time.

9. Heals wounds quicker

Infrared sauna therapy helps heal soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, repetitive strain injury (RSI), or contusions through increased blood flow - without any adverse side effects.
This amazing process happens in three steps:
  • firstly by aiding circulation throughout your muscles;
  • secondly by promoting vasodilation which prevents infection while speeding up recovery time for injured tissues;
  • Last but not least, heating these delicate areas brings relief pain allowing you to get back on track quicker after an accident.

10. Fixes sleeping pattern

Infrared saunas help your sleep habits by raising body temperature, then cooling it down quickly.
By doing this you can trick the brain into thinking that it's time for bed and feel a sense of peace as stress falls away from you in waves.
Raising your temperature will help regulate sleep cycles by jump-starting them into thinking it's time for bed when they've cooled off again quickly after sitting briefly in an IR heat sauna near their home or office space.
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