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Murphy Wall Beds

Murphy wall beds offer space and versatility in any room.

We offer single murphy beds, small-double murphy beds, double murphy beds and king size murphy beds. Search wall bed uk and Bath Bliss has curated a selection with lots of choice. For convenience and practicality most of our ranges come in vertical or horizontal form.

Check bed +mattress sizes here.

Enjoy the convenience of a hideaway wall bed in any room in your home (or even the hallway). Don't let limited space hinder your living options. Our pull down beds are easy to put together, well made and safety is of paramount concern.

Choose between a vertical murphy bed or a horizontal wall bed, a wall bed with sofa, or a bunk wall bed (we even have a twist swivel wall bed) - it all depends on what best suits your taste and the room space it's going in.

"Maximise your sleeping capacity with a professional fold away murphy wall bed"

We also offer overbed wardrobe storage and tall bed cabinet storage solutions for your folding wall bed to fully utilise the space of your room.