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Order TODAY - AVOID October PRICE Increase - Live Chat NOW
Order TODAY - AVOID October PRICE Increase - Live Chat NOW


Envelope in Infrared sauna bliss. Trust the UK's best rated infrared sauna blanket. The HigherDOSE™ blanket is your gateway to healing and rejuvenation.

A HigherDOSE™ infrared sauna blanket is key to experiencing spa grade infrared therapy benefits. De-stress and unwind. Try the new way to support your winter-wellness journey. Face the seasons with a portable at-home sauna blanket.

Experience sauna benefits with our safe infrared blanket tech.  Gain safe-sauna wellness as the infrared light +heat penetrates deeper inside to heal you, relax you and cleanse your skin.

Far Infrared light and red light therapy have proven health benefits for humans. These sauna blankets harness the same technology to full effect. 

The HigherDOSE infrared sauna blanket V3 is the cosiest heated blanket available.

This health device will remove toxins at a lower temperature and allow you to enjoy a pleasurable natural high - made especially for those who find the traditional gym sauna unbearable and unnecessarily hot.

Try proven sauna cabin technology in a blanket!

Get your regular safe-sauna high at home.

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