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So, what is a Finnish sauna?

So, what is a Finnish sauna?

Bath Bliss Finnish Saunas are top of the line, efficient heating systems that can be installed indoors or out and come in wood-burning, electric, gas powered and steam variants.

Loved for their hearkening abilities to a bygone era when they were the most practical - and warmest - places to bath during Finland’s long, dark winter months without running hot water flow;

Finns still love them today primarily for bathing purposes but many enjoy the relaxing and detoxifying effects as well.

Finnish Sauna’s are a perfect way to get your sweat on in any season, and they might be the best thing since (sliced) water.

Swedish saunas have been around for centuries in other cultures but it is Finland where their history has become entwined with the nation’s culture, for once beating their Swedish neighbours.

In days gone by these hot environments served as people's bathing area during long winters where there was no running water making washing quick at hand before candles went out.

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