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What are Tecoloy™ Heaters all About?

What are Tecoloy™ Heaters all About?

Tecoloy Heaters are a new type of heater designed by the Health Mate Sauna company. Health Mate Sauna is the global patent holder for this most innovative and effective infrared heater called ‘Tecoloy’.

The Tecoloy heater is different from any other infrared heater because it uses  proprietary technology and innovative design to generate human-specific heat using an  infrared source.

It is a powerful heater, yet safe - making it the best choice for all the family to use.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, it is the most reliable of infrared heaters. Health Mate Tecoloy Infrared heaters are tested and certified to be above the industry safety levels with ultra low EMF and ELF levels.



What makes the Health Mate Infrared heater the best for saunas?

The most innovative thing about this heater is that it uses the infrared spectrum to generate heat. Dual micron technology produces 2 different wavelengths - far infrared and full spectrum.

This wavelength does not produce any form of radiation, unlike convection and halogen heat.

These heating elements offer the highest watt density industry wide.

Health Mate® Infrared Sauna Ceiling

Health Mates Tecoloy heaters are designed to be used inside saunas (closed spaces) worry free - because there are no emissions released so breathing will not be affected even after prolonged exposure.

Health Mate does not stand still when it comes to evolution, the latest iteration of the Tecoloy heating technology was as recent as 2015. 

1. It’s safe for use

Health Mates Tecoloy technology has received safety certifications from ISO, RoHS. CE, PsE, TUV, PEFC and ETL.

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These heating elements have undergone stringent safety checks.

2. A great option if you’re trying to lose weight

Sweating is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. Although a good diet is very important too when it comes to losing weight.

Weight Loss Bath Bliss

With regular sauna use you can lose weight whilst eating in moderation.

The specific heat released by a Tecoloy Infrared heater will relieve stress and body aches while also helping you to lose weight. Sweating is proven to be one of the most effective ways of how we can refresh our mind, body, and soul.

3.  Helps in relieving aches and pains, health conditions and stress

Individuals who work in a physical environment experience body aches and stresses more than most. Living in Covid times has meant that more people on the whole are becoming increasingly stressed and worn out. 

As much of society has been ‘staying at home’ (forcibly) - this has brought about  additional physical and mental health conditions. 

Staying stagnant has created new types of aches and pains. New types of conditions - not just related directly to the pandemic.

It really helps to potter around the house, keeping yourself busy by exercising on the stairs, doing cleaning and general householdy activities, perhaps some long forgotten DIY jobs (!) it will keep you moving and in good stead.

Having a sauna at home during this time offers a real health advantage too.

As soon as you enter a Health Mate sauna, the heat from the Tecoloy infrared elements can immediately be felt and it will make you feel the warmth all over your body.  

Aches and pains that you are experiencing and all the stress that you feel both in your mind, body, and soul and being alleviated.

4. A cure for myriad health conditions 

Many health conditions have benefitted from regular sauna usage.

Trying out a Health Mate sauna cabin - it might be the answer to your health concerns. We will feature sauna stories, an area of the blog where real life people talk about their personal experiences.
Medically ApprovedUsing a sauna, even after a few times can make you feel positively different. that most of the negative feelings that they are feeling inside their bodies are gone.

5. Helps the removal of toxins from your body

Girl on Bath Bliss Health Mate Sauna

As we sweat, toxins are released through our largest organ, our skin. But sadly, not everyone lives in a scorching hot part of the world! Similarly not everyone is able to complete an intense workout to produce the sweat and thus allow us to perspire through the pores of our skin.

Health Mate has the answer, plug and perspire with the world's best selling infrared sauna therapy cabin.

It's a great choice for people who want to sweat regularly without having to go out to jog or perform any strenuous workouts, this technology makes you sweat 3 to 4 mores more than any other infrared sauna on the market!

6. The heat is at just the right level (the Goldilocks zone)

With Tecoloy Far Infrared heaters just the right level of heat will be emitted. Health Mate Tecoloy heater technology is certified and the safest choice when it comes to infrared saunas.


The Health Mates Tecoloy Heater is a unique and innovative kind of heater (patented). It's powerful and safe.

As a result it has been approved for sauna installation the world over - and been accredited by major safety governing bodies.

They are the only heaters on the market that are both UL listed and have been tested to produce ultra low EMF and ELF levels.

Health Mate has been making infrared saunas since 1979, they were the 1st infrared sauna company in the US and are known for making high quality products that are made to last, this is the reason they can confidently offer a genuine Lifetime Warranty with every sauna. 

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