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The Benefits of Steam and Infrared Sauna on the Human Body

The Benefits of Steam and Infrared Sauna on the Human Body

People have been using Saunas for many years and it is still in use. It is actually a small room in which people relax their body, especially their cardiovascular system. The temperature of the sauna room is kept between 158°F to 212°F, in new old money that's between 70 and 100 degrees celsius.

The main purpose of the Sauna is for relaxing the body and the cardiovascular system. Saunas are not suitable for everyone as a person with cardiovascular problems should consult a doctor.

It is actually a place in which people experience dry heat or wet heat sessions.

In the sauna, a person experiences heavy sweating due to the increased temperature of the Sauna room. The use of sweating as a cooling therapy has been used for millennia.

In Finland, Saunas have been used for thousands of years, these early Saunas were made as excavations which could also be used as dwellings during the winter season. 

More recently during the industrial revolution, Saunas evolved to use a metal stove which incorporated a chimney design.

When Finns migrated to far flung corners of the world, they brought the ideas and traditions of saunas with them.

By way of this, further evolution of the Saunas included the electric stove sauna. Saunas have kept up with the times and have been evolving steadily. Sauna is an ancient Finnish word that means 'earth pit' or 'snow pit'.

Finnish Sauna - Blissy Blog - The benefits of Sauna and Steam on the Human Body

There are several types of saunas that are used today and people are relaxing by using them. These include wood, electricity, steam, and infrared saunas.

How does a Steam Shower Works:

Some saunas use steam in order to generate heat in the room. The steam process of heating is used in Turkish-style saunas. These saunas are also called Turkish steam rooms. These types of sauna rooms are small and made up of materials that can tolerate wet heat. As steam sauna rooms are heated with steam, this heat is of wet type. 

These rooms are heated by producing steam from boiling water with the help of generators. The temperature of this sauna room is set to 110°F. Due to the high humidity in these types of saunas, it feels much hotter than other high-temperature saunas. 

Simply, a steam room is a small area where a water-filled generator converts water into steam and then pumps it into that small area. This increases the moisture content for the people sitting there. 

A steam shower is an excellent way to get relief for your tired body. You can provide your muscles with great relief after a hard day in 20 minutes. But the question is how does a steam shower work? The answer is very simple. 

This moisture increases the temperature of the room and you will face hard sweating. A steam generator is connected to a gallon of cold water, just like a kettle. 

This steam generator is heated by electricity which brings the water to boil. The steam produced from boiling is channeled to the steam room through a pipe. Thus, the room fills with moisture which lasts for 20 minutes.

About 2 gallons of water are used in each 20 minute interval which a person spends in steam.

Steam generators use a large amount of electricity. Commonly, Saunas are more preferred than steam rooms because of large expenses. Steam rooms and saunas are similar in many ways. Both provide a small room to sit there. Both have benefits of health and relaxation. .The only big difference between them is that steam uses moisture while saunas use dry heat.

How does an Infrared Sauna works:

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared heaters from which infrared light is emitted. This light produces heat which is absorbed by the body. In an infrared sauna room, air that is heated by the infrared light heats the body by the process of conduction and convection.

Before going to the working of an infrared sauna, you should know about the infrared sauna and infrared light. The sunlight consists of visible and invisible light. Out of the invisible lights, one is the infrared light. This is the light that makes us feel warm under the sun. 

Scientists have said that infrared light is beneficial to our bodies. It is necessary because it raises the thermal energy level of our body. Basically, infrared light is categorized into three spectrums that are far, mid, and near-infrared.

Near-infrared light has a shorter wavelength in the spectrum. It is absorbed just below the skin and promotes sweating. Sweating involves the healing of our body and makes us feel relaxed. 

Mid-infrared light is the longer wavelength of the spectrum. It is absorbed and penetrates deep into the tissues of our body. This penetration increases the circulation in our bodies. It is also responsible for the release of oxygen in order to reach the injured areas.

Far-infrared is the longest wavelength of the spectrum. It is absorbed from the air and penetrates into the fat cell of the body. It dilates our vessels and increases blood circulation. Fat cells detoxification to a large extent due to far-infrared light. This will help you to stimulate your metabolism and also cause weight loss.

In the Infrared saunas, infrared heaters are placed near the body, and the heat spread in a specific area. In contrast to other saunas, instead of heating all the air of the room, the heater is placed near the body. Our body absorbs the infrared light emitting from the heater. It is placed near the body so that our body absorbs as much as 93% of the far-infrared radiation. This has done for the deep relaxation of the body.


Difference between Traditional Finish Sauna and an Infrared Sauna:

In this modern world, different types of saunas are present which are evolved with time. When you will look for a sauna, you have two choices for yourself, a traditional sauna or a newer infrared sauna.

If you don’t know the difference between the two, then you will find a piece of information here.

Traditional Finish Sauna

  • In traditional finish saunas, the temperature of the surrounding air is very extreme with a little bit of moisture.

  • Traditional Finish Sauna has a temperature of 177°F with a small count of humidity.

  • Traditional Finish saunas have a hot surrounding in the room.

  • It utilizes a large quantity of heat and steam in order to create an effect on the body.

  • This sauna takes 45-60 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

  • In this type of sauna, the whole room is heated with moisture.

  • The sweat produced during the finish sauna consists of 97% water and 3% toxins.

  • It draws about 6 KW of energy to maintain its temperature.

  • Traditional Sauna is a room for about 1-8 persons.

  • It uses water and hot rocks to produce steam which heats up the surrounding air.

  • This sauna is expensive due to the large amount of heat used during the process.


Infrared Sauna

  • In an infrared sauna, the temperature of the surrounding is kept low as compared to a traditional sauna.

  •  An Infrared Sauna typically has a temperature range of 125-155°F, depending on the sitting area.

  • The surrounding area of the Infrared Sauna is moderate.

  • In contrast, an infrared sauna utilizes less amount of heat as compared to a traditional sauna.

  • This sauna takes 15 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

  • In this type, only the restricted area around an individual is heated by infrared light coming from the heater.

  • The sweat produced during an infrared sauna consists of 80% water and 20% toxins.

  • It draws about 1-2 KW of energy to maintain its energy.

  • An infrared sauna is restricted to a specific area.

  • In this sauna heaters are used that emit infrared light which is directly taken up by the skin.

  • This sauna is less expensive because it uses less electricity than a traditional sauna.

Though the Traditional Finish Sauna is a natural process, Infrared Saunas are more affordable and comfortable. Thus, if you want a cheap as well as effective sauna then go for an infrared sauna.

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How Muscles, Skin, and Lungs are Affected:

Steam rooms and saunas do not restrict anybody from its services. If you want to relax your body, you can go to saunas or steam rooms.

It does not harm your body instead it is good for your health.

Steam rooms and Saunas play an important role in our health. If you don’t know about the benefits of saunas and steam, then here are some benefits of them.


Relaxing Muscles - Blog

Relaxes your muscles

After a long day's work, you surely need relaxation and when you see your sauna or steam room, it makes you feel comfortable.

After entering the gym, you always have two options to soothe your body. It is up to you to select the right option for you.

The major difference between the steam room and sauna is the method of heating. Both have health benefits with a little difference. 

Muscles become stretched after a full day of work and they need some relaxation.

When muscles are overloaded, their tiny fibers break apart.

This breakdown is recovered after the healing of fibers and the muscles become stronger.

The healing depends on the relaxation of muscles in the hot environment.

The nerve endings are made calm from the heat of the sauna and steam rooms. The heat provides warmth to your muscles as well as reflexes them.


Clears your Skin:

The major role of sauna or steam is to clear skin by sweating. A person sweats due to the heat produced in the sauna or steam room.

The pores of the body open due to sweating. Sweating plays a role in the cleaning of the outer skin.

The dirt removed from the pores due to the warmth of the sauna and steam. 

Improves Breathing:

Both sauna and steam are helpful for respiratory health. The steam room is helpful in the health of our lungs by warming the mucous membranes of the lungs.

Due to this, a person feels better while breathing or it makes breathing very easy. 
Sauna is a very good treatment of the respiratory system. It causes an increase in the flow of the blood that in turn increases the breathing rate.

It is very helpful if you are suffering from any lung disease such as asthma, it provides you relief by increasing your breath.


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Effect of Sauna and Steam on the Mood:

People always find ways in order to improve their mental health.

Sauna and steam are one of them.

They will help you in improving your Psychological health such as depression.

Effect of Sauna:

Saunas are really helpful in changing your mood due to the warmth produced by them.

During sauna therapy, your body produces euphoric hormones which cause happiness to you.

This hormone is released due to the stress produced on your body by the sauna. Regular use of a sauna may produce consistent happiness.

Effect of Steam:

Steam rooms also prove helpful in reducing stress or changing your mood.

The heat of the steam room causes the body to release endorphins which are hormones in order to release stress. This steam also reduces the cortisol level in our body which is the hormone released during stress.

When this hormonal level occurs, we feel relaxed and in control.

How Sauna helps you feel relax:

In the sauna, there are some changes that occur in your body. These are actually healthy changes.

Whenever you enter a sauna, do you know what actually happens to your body?

In the sauna, your body temperature rises and your blood vessels dilate. Ultimately your pulse rate starts to increase as your heart starts to pump more blood. But there are some benefits of these changes.

Saunas are a source of relaxation and this relaxation is due to the improved flow of blood through vessels.

As your heart pumps more blood, blood vessels become dilated, and flow increases to the skin.

Your body temperature is maintained by your sympathetic nervous system. Your hormones are also involved in this process. The heat in the sauna makes you feel relaxed by relaxing your muscles with warmth.

The relaxing ability of the sauna makes it important to people who used it. After using the sauna, you may feel its effects for a long time. Having a sauna on a daily basis can provide you so many benefits which relax your body.

Here, I’m going to tell you the 5 benefits of using a sauna that relaxes your body. Blog - The benefits of Steam and Sauna on the Human Body

Stronger Immune System:

One of the most important benefits of using the sauna is that it makes your immune system stronger.

Sauna produces a large number of white blood cells in your body.

Our immune system consists of antibodies that defend our body from infections and diseases. 

These antibodies are made up of white blood cells.

People who use the sauna on a daily basis have a large number of white blood cells and their immune system works at a greater rate.

Provides deep sleep:

A night of deeper sleep can be achieved after using the sauna. Researchers have also said that a sauna can provide a deeper sleep. During the sauna, your body temperature rises as well as endorphins in your body.  The level of temperature and endorphins declined during bedtime which provides you relief and you get a deep sleep.

Removes Toxins:

Sweating is important for our health as it removes toxins from our bodies.

Hard sweating on the other hand has different health benefits.

For this hard or deep sweating, you should use a sauna on a daily basis.

The heat of the sauna elevated your body temperature and heavy sweating occurred.

This heavy sweating removes toxins from our body and we feel relaxed and comfortable.

Skin cleansing:

Skin cleansing is a huge benefit of saunas. During deep sweating, your body removes the toxins as well as dead skin cells.

It also removes bacteria from the epidermal layer and cleans the pores. It gives you good-looking soft skin.


Relief from stress:

When you are using the sauna, the heat of the sauna relaxes your muscles which gives you a huge relief for a long time.

It also reduces the chance of getting depression or other mental disorders. The endorphin hormone also provides you a feeling of happiness.

How Sauna Therapy cleans your body:

Saunas have been used as a source to clean the body, detoxify it, and for relaxation.

The best way to cleanse your body is by sweating deeply. Deep sweating is the result of sauna usage. It removes toxins, dead cells as well as bacteria. 


Skin Care by Steam and Shower - Blog

Skincare by using Sauna:

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it is the protective layer that protects our body from the attack of microorganisms. It absorbs vitamin D from the sun and also regulates body temperature. Skin is one of the sources to remove toxins. 

Besides traditional sauna, infrared sauna is also present which plays an important role in cleansing our body.

The heat absorption during an infrared sauna is 2 inches deeper than a traditional sauna. 

During the sauna, circulation increases due to the elevated temperature, and this circulation removes the dead cells from the body. As you know, there is moisture in the air during the sauna, your body softens due to heavy sweating.

Regular use of sauna helps you clean your body at a greater rate. Before entering the sauna you should use a bristle brush or rough cloth on your dry body in order to eliminate dead cells. 

From this, your body will have more heat penetration that helps your body to cleanse your skin deeply. This removal also helps you to open the pores of the skin.

Thus if you have any oil or lotion on your skin, you should remove it first so that there will be no problem during cleansing. 

Remove Bacteria:

During the sauna, your body also removes bacteria from your skin pores by heat and moisture. There is a large group of bacteria present on your body or skin and these are harmless bacteria. 

In a sauna, sweating is responsible for the removal of bacteria. Through sweating, your body becomes soft and your pores open.

Due to the open pores, elevated temperature and moisture help you in removing bacteria.

How Sauna helps you to fight with toxins of the body:

Our body is exposed to many toxins present in our environment. These toxins include heavy meats, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, smoke, and many more. Many chemicals that spray on the food are also toxins.

The air in which we breathe is full of pollution and this pollution has many toxins in it. These toxins enter your body and may accumulate there. 

There are many pieces of evidence that show the contamination of toxins made by humans which includes persistent organic pollutants. So it is clear that our fat cells or tissues have toxins in them.

We can use techniques in order to remove toxins from the body and the best way is the sauna steam heating.

Deep sweating is responsible for the removal of toxins. In 2010, a research group from the University of Alberta in Edmonton tried this idea.

They have published many studies regarding the removal of toxins from urine, blood, and sweat. The first research was published in 2010 in which they collected blood, urine, and sweat of 20 persons.

Half of the people were in good health but the remaining people have many health problems. 

They eliminated many toxins through sweat.

They examined and concluded the results which show that “Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for elimination of many toxic elements from the human body.”  4 participants have included out of which three persons used the sauna.

Sauna has proved an efficient way to eliminate toxins from the body.

These include heavy metals which are easily available in our environment. 

From these types of searches, it is concluded that sauna therapy, either infrared or steam sauna helps you to eliminate toxins from the body. Whenever you want to remove toxins, you should visit the sauna.

Does Sauna Therapy Shields your body from the flu virus:

Cold and flu is a common disease among people and scientists confirm that it can be reduced by using moisture of hot liquid. What about this hot liquid on a large scale like a sauna.

The answer is yes, we can use a sauna in order to reduce the flu.

Some researchers have said that the sauna proves helpful in reducing cold and flu symptoms.

This is done because the sauna has the ability to improve drainage from the person.

Some other researchers have said that elevated temperature weakens flu viruses. 

Dr. Andre LWoff, a virologist and microbiologist has won a prize in such research. According to him, elevated temperature helps the body to fight against the growth of the virus. High temperature can be used artificially which causes deep sweating.

He said that drugs should not be taken to bring down the fever. In 1989, a German study revealed that people caught less cold and flu who use sauna twice a week.

According to one theory, during a sauna, the temperature of the inhaled air is greater than 80 degrees. This temperature is hot enough to kill the cold and flu viruses.

One study found that a group of 50 persons is divided into two halves and tests them for six months.

One group was instructed to use saun and the other was not. In the end, it is revealed that the people who were subjected to saunas caught less cold and flu than the others.


Covid 19 - Blog

Positive effects against Covid-19 by Sauna Therapy

Covid-19 is a pandemic disease and we should defend ourselves from it. There are some precautions you should follow in order to avoid the disease.

First, you should avoid situations from which you may get the disease. Second, you should make your body strong so that you may be able to fight against Covid-19. 

Your immune system is responsible to defend your body. Using a sauna may boost up your immune system and you will be able to fight against Covid-19.

Here are some guidelines on how you deal with Covid-19 by using a sauna.

No doubt, you take precautions regarding Covid-19, but the fact is that all of us are at a greater risk of getting Covid-19.

Only the people with good physical health which includes a stronger immune system have the ability to defend themselves against Covid-19.

Surely, you are well aware of how to make your body stronger such as by getting nutrients and well sleep on a daily basis.

But there is the best way that makes you stronger. Sauna plays an important role in boosting your immune system.

The main element of our immune system is white blood cells. As we have discussed earlier, the person who uses the sauna on a regular basis has a large number of white blood cells.

White blood cells make up the antibodies of our immune system. Thus, a large number of antibodies will be produced which are the key elements of our immune system.

Thus our immune system becomes stronger by using the sauna. But as I have said, we all are at greater risk of getting Covid-19. 

We can take all possible precautions to make ourselves stronger. But there is nothing that gives us 100% surety of not getting the disease. Sauna therapy just reduces the chances by making our immune system stronger.

Keep in mind the most important thing that you should also take nutrients. You cannot rely on just a single thing.


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Does a Steam Shower Alleviate Covid-19 symptoms?

Many people are using content related to Covid-19 that is fake. They are telling people that Steam therapy can reduce the symptoms of Covid-19. Some people claim that using lemon or orange with boiling water can reduce symptoms. 

A post related to Covid-19 has said that “This technique will kill the corona in your nasal cavity by using essential oils or slices of lemon and oranges. Garlic, Ginger, tea tree, eucalyptus, or neem can also be used. There are many other things you can add. You can also search any antiviral herb on google.”

The World Health Organization and any other health organization do not provide any suggestion of this type. There is no evidence of scientific study that proves that steam therapy can reduce the symptoms of Covid-19.

Steam therapy provides relief during cold or flu by thinning the mucus but there is no scientific clue of treating covid-19.

Basically, by using these stupid things, you may damage the cells of your nasal cavity. Because the temperature of the steam is higher than our body, it may damage the cells with excessive use.

Steam can only reach the lungs if it is used excessively.

Simply, a steam shower does not provide such steam that can reach deep in our lungs with high temperatures. If we use it excessively, we may damage our body cells.

The American Burn Association has said that the use of hot water with temperatures even lower than the boiling point may cause damage to your skin.


Steam room and sauna are very beneficial to health.

You have read many benefits of using sauna and steam.

But if you are suffering from any kind of diseases such as cardiovascular disease or kidney disease or any other type, you should concern your doctor before going to the sauna and steam.

If you are addicted to alcohol, you should not use sauna or steam directly without asking your doctor. In the sauna and steam, the elevated temperature is present which may cause serious problems to your health. 

Stay focused on both sides and then choose your way. So these are the things you should know about the sauna and steam room.

 the Bath Bliss team

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