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Not all Infrared Light is the Same +Why Tecoloy is Best for Humans?

Not all Infrared Light is the Same +Why Tecoloy is Best for Humans?

Not all Infrared Light is the Same +Why Tecoloy® is Best for Humans?

The body's natural healing abilities are optimised when infrared light is delivered in controlled doses. Tecoloy® has been clinically proven to deliver a more intense dose of infrared energy than any other type of heat infra-therapy.

Infrared at the wavelength of 900 nm are most beneficial for humans, and Tecoloy® delivers this wavelength in a much stronger intensity than any other material available today.

Tecoloy® is the best material technology for infrared light emission because it’s better at energy dispersal and can withstand higher temperatures. 

This is why Health Mate® can confidently offer a lifetime warranty on their Tecoloy® technology.

In fact, these incorporating technologies are being used in some of the most demanding industries like aerospace and the manufacture of medical equipment.

What is Infrared Light?

The first thing that you should know about infrared light or heat radiation, is that it can be categorised into two broad categories: 

Longwave and Shortwave. 

Tecoloy® is in between the longwave and shortwave category.

Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that shares some characteristics with both visible light and microwaves. It can be found in the vacuum of space, as well as in stars and other celestial bodies.

But not all forms of infrared are created equal. Tecoloy® is the most advanced heating system.


The Health Benefits of Tecoloy® Infrared Light

Tecoloy®'s Far-infrared rays are completely different from radiant heat. 

This is due to the long wavelength of 3 - 1000 microns, which warms our bodies without the stinging or irritation.

You may have been treated for rhinitis with red light in ENT clinics or you've seen that red-hot warmer that you use in physiotherapy rooms or general hospitals.

The frequency emitted by far-infrared rays is similar to the natural wavelength band produced by intracellular moisture molecules that make up more than 70 percent of the human body!

So, therefore, when the far-infrared wavelength enters the body the two wavelengths meet and cause resonance far-infrared rays to generate resonance in our body now the heat transfer deep into our body warms the whole body and this expands the capillaries to galvanise the blood flow.

It also activates metabolism now at this time the body releases sweat to lower the heat and with this process, toxins are released along with the carbohydrate and fats in the body.


Emissivity of Tecoloy®

Using a spectrometer, Tecoloy® heaters produce 99.5% emissivity.

Emissivity refers to the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat. So the higher the emissivity the faster you sweat.

Tecoloy® heaters produce much more heat per square inch of heating surface, therefore providing more valuable and beneficial infrared heat.

Made for Humans

Health Mate® Tecoloy® is safe for humans and is made for humans. 

It produces the lowest levels of EMF (electro-magnetic frequency). 

Meaning, you will be exposed to minimal or negligible levels of atmospheric radiation compared to any other leading brand.

You can enjoy Health Mate® Tecoloy® heaters without fear of any adverse radiation. 

Infrared light can be used to heat signatures (and blood) from a distance. We all emit infrared light, it’s an invisible form of radiation that comes out like waves 

Infrared light is also used for detecting cancerous growths and tumors.

Health Mate® Tecoloy® releases the right bandwidth of wavelength. It does not produce too little nor too much - like the goldilocks zone.

But with Tecoloy®, it produces just the right wavelength, which is around 6340 nanometers, which is well within the range that is safe for humans.

You can expect to feel the effect of it right away, and you can enjoy the effect for a longer time. Tecoloy heaters come with lifetime warranty as standard.

The bottom line...

Infrared light has different wavelength spectrums. Too much or too little wavelength can either be bad or not offer any positive effects  for the body.

Health Mate Tecoloy® tech is safe, reliable, and effective.

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