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Infrared Sauna: Know The Basics

Infrared Sauna: Know The Basics

An infrared sauna is a good therapy for alleviating different illnesses. The infra heat makes you sweat promoting overall wellness.

Some of the benefits it has are pain relief, boost muscle recovery, improves blood circulation, weight loss, and many more. Read more about the benefits of infrared sauna therapy by clicking here.

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History of IR Sauna

Finnish saunas are known for their therapeutic abilities. However, not everyone can last long inside the sauna because of its extreme heat.

History of IR Sauna - Traditional Sauna

An infrared sauna was then discovered along with the developments of other infrared technologies in the 1960s. 

According to Dr. J H Kellog's book 'Light Therapeutics', 1910. He stated,

“No non-medicinal remedy has ever found its way so rapidly into general favor as have devices for utilising the physical properties of light in combating the inroads of disease.”

Using infrared light for stimulating healing in the human body was then adapted by his medical colleagues around the globe.

Dr. J H Kellogg was also the very first person that has received the first ceramic far infrared heater in 1965 and was soon used for the same healing with traditional saunas.


Types of IR Saunas

  • Near-Infrared - It combines heat and light therapy and is also known as phototherapy. It is absorbed below the surface of your skin promoting revitalization and healing.

It is also best used for healing external wounds, and it increases your body's immune function.

  • Mid-Infrared - It uses a longer wavelength compared to near-infrared for deeper penetration into your body’s tissue increasing circulation, and releasing oxygen.

  • Far-Infrared - It has the longest wavelength amongst the three, emitting far-infrared light. 

Types of IR Saunas

Many research suggests it can eliminate toxins, stimulate metabolism, and offer cardiovascular benefits.


How To Use Infrared Sauna

Each brand of infrared sauna comes in different directions for usage. Each sauna cabin is operated uniquely. Read here for information and instructions on how to use your Health Mate® Classic range sauna cabin.

How To Use Infrared Sauna - Preparation For Your Infrared Sauna Therapy Sesh


Preparation For Your Infrared Sauna Therapy Sesh

  • Drink plenty of liquids, preferably water beforehand, to avoid lightheadedness. 

  • Set the temperature based on your comfortability. If you're a first-time infrared sauna user, always start at the lowest temperature setting and let your body slowly adapt to the heat. 

  • Schedule a shorter sauna session. You have to let your body adapt to the infrared heat. 

If you wish to enjoy the heat longer, make sure that your body has adapted to the temperature, and the maximum amount of time you should be spending inside the cabin is 40 minutes. 

  • Move slowly during and after your sauna session. You have to let your body adjust to the temperature outside the sauna cabin/ Moving too swiftly from the sauna cabin results in lightheadedness.

  • Hydrate after your session. Since you will lose a lot of water weight during your sauna therapy, you have to replace the electrolytes lost

For a more fun and relaxing sauna experience, you can bring a book and read it inside or enjoy your favorite music while relaxing with the infrared heat.


Avoid Infrared Sauna Therapy If…

Avoid Infrared Sauna Therapy If…


You should avoid infrared saunas when you are pregnant because it could affect the baby in your womb. You may also seek advice from your ob-gyne before using the therapy.


Under influence of any substance

Avoid using this therapy if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs because it could lead to negative long-term effects on your body.


Taking any medications

Seek medical advice from your doctor before using this therapy if you are taking any medications, especially medications containing diuretics, barbiturates, or beta-blockers.

These types of medications hinder your body's ability to produce sweat in order to regulate your body's core temperature.


Living with medical conditions

It's true that far-infrared sauna therapy provides overall wellness for people with medical conditions, especially heart conditions and high blood pressure.

But, talk to your health care provider before using this therapy, for you to know what is the safest temperature you can enjoy.


What You Can Expect With Your Sauna Session

How often can you use this therapy?

For the First time infrared sauna user, limit your therapy to once a week and eventually increase the number of visits weekly. 

What should you wear?

You don't need to be naked or wear a bathing suit during your session. 

You can wear clothing that you like to wear, but it is best advised to wear loose and breathable clothing to avoid feeling uncomfortable as soon as you start to sweat.

How long will a session last?

If you've been using this therapy for more than a week or month, you can enjoy 20 to 45-minute sessions. But, if you are a first-timer, limit your session to 10 to 15 minutes…

How warm is it going to be?

You can start with 100˚F if you're not used to this type of therapy, and eventually increase the temperature at 150˚F, the maximum heat a sauna cabin can get.


Far-infrared sauna benefits are well endorsed or advertised by most health experts, medical professionals, and anyone within the sauna industry.

Although there is no doubt that you will enjoy the infrared heat it releases, there is no guarantee that the therapy will make you lose weight effectively or cure your existing ailments.

For improving your wellness using this therapy, you must talk with your health care provider regarding how many sessions you can use this therapy, and how long you can use this therapy per session.

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Make yourself better today!

Make sure to invest with the right infrared sauna cabin. You may also shop with some of our Health Mate® Classic range sauna cabins.

You can choose a cabin where you can enjoy the infrared by yourself, or you may also choose a sauna cabin that makes you enjoy your sauna session with your friends and family!

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