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How Clean is My Spa Tub (Hot Tub/ Swim Spa) ?

How Clean is My Spa Tub (Hot Tub/ Swim Spa) ?

Maintaining a clean spa tub is an essential part of the day-to-day operations of any hot tub or spa tub owner. Ensuring that your water stays fresh and safe requires attention to detail, and can be quite difficult if you don’t know where to start!

That’s why we have created this handy checklist of everything you need to do on a daily basis in order to keep your water pristine and safe.

Do you have a hot tub and are worried about maintaining the water quality? We at Bath Bliss are here to help! There are many ways you can do this from adding chemicals to using a filter, there is something for everyone.

Check out these blog post tips below and see which one would work best for you.

Advice and tips on how to maintain high water quality in your hot tub

We are going to cover some of the most common questions that come up when it comes to maintaining your hot tub water quality in this blog post.

These include what chlorine does in a hot tub, how often should I change my filters or use other cleaning supplies, and what if I don't want to add chlorine at all?

Let's get started with some easy steps on how you can maintain high-quality water.


1. Keep your hot tub clean by using a water filter and chemical treatment

Once your hot tub is set up and running properly, all that's left is taking care of it.

It can be hard to know (and remember) what chemicals or treatments are needed when cleaning a hot tub so here are some pointers!

First things first: get yourself an automatic water filter system. This will keep those pesky minerals from building up and becoming impossible to scrub off the walls.

Make sure not just to run this filter every time you fill your hot tub; chemical treatments should also be used on a regular basis.

2. Empty the hot tub after every use to avoid bacteria buildup

A hot tub is a wonderful luxury, (health necessity) but it's important to keep the bacteria from taking over.

It's important to empty the hot tub after every use so that you don't get exposed or worse still - sick with terrible diseases like Legionnaires' disease, pseudomonas aeruginosa - or a host of other dangerous bacteria.

The longer water sits in your spa without being changed out or treated properly, harmful bacteria will start building up until they are finally able to thrive within its warm depths.

3. Clean the jets with vinegar or bleach periodically to remove any algae or mineral build-up 

With every usage of bathtubs, the bacteria can build up quickly and make the tub unpleasant.

It's important that you empty the hot tub after every use, so here are some tips on how to do just that!

  1. Take out any toys or inflatables from the tub. You don't want these things floating around when you drain and wash them out. Give them a quick rinse as well before putting them away. 

  2. Turn off your power switch for safety purposes. SAFETY FIRST (the last thing you want is an electrical shock while draining your spa of water)

  3. Next, turn off all jets if they have been running during use.

4. Use chemicals that are designed for spas, such as chlorine tablets or bromine

Chlorine tablets and bromine are the go-to chemicals for spas. However, chlorine can be toxic to your skin and eyes if not handled properly.

Bromine has a low odor so it's great for sensitive noses.

The downside is that it doesn't kill bacteria as well as chlorine does so you may have to use more of this chemical than you would with chlorine.

Chemicals such as chlorine tablets or bromine will do wonders for your skin, hair, and nails! They'll also make sure the oasis of tranquility stays bacteria-free and clear (obviously).

So turn up those jets and enjoy an invigorating soak with these spa-quality chemicals today!

5. Don't put anything into your hot tub that is not recommended - this could include food, oils, and hair products

It's important to remember that there are some things you should never put into your hot tub. This includes, but is not limited to: sand, rocks, and other hard (and sharp) objects; dish soap (Fairy); chlorine bleach; household detergents and soaps; fabric softener sheets or dryer sheets; aluminum foil (or any metal); agricultural chemicals of any kind - even fertilisers or pesticides from the garden centre!

A few common-sense exceptions would be food items such as fruits, vegetables. These can be placed in the water for a short time without causing harm. 

6. Avoid using too many oils or lotions while soaking in the hot tub because they will get into the water and make it cloudy

It is best to avoid using too many oils or lotions while soaking in the hot tub because they will break down the surface of the water making it cloudy and hard to see what is happening under there.

This can be especially dangerous if you have kids who like playing around in the water so make sure they are wearing swimsuits instead of shorts and t-shirts when they're getting wet.

It may be tempting to use these products because we associate them with water.


If you’re a regular user of your hot tub, it can be difficult to maintain the high water quality that is necessary for comfort and safety.

To help those who are struggling with this issue, we have compiled some helpful tips on how to keep your spa at its best without spending too much time or money doing so. 

Maintaining a hot tub can be very tricky, but it doesn't have to take up so much of your time and energy.

We hope you find these tips useful for maintaining the health and safety of your family's waterside sanctuary!

Our team is always happy to answer any questions about keeping your spa healthy too.

Get in touch with us today if you want more information on some of our different services as well as other topics related to spas or general wellness!

the Bath Bliss team

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