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Go Infrared or traditional Finnish? Learn what Sauna System is BEST for You.

Go Infrared or traditional Finnish? Learn what Sauna System is BEST for You.

The ancient practice of sauna bathing has been shown to provide a real health benefits and feeling of overall wellness within. The heat from the burning wood helps eliminate toxins and sweat provides relief for tension and muscle soreness while releasing built-up fluids that can help you feel more energetic too.

In the search for an infrared sauna, you will often come across a finnish of 'traditional' sauna. What is the difference between them? Is one better than the other? Which is right for you and your family? The answer may surprise you!

In this blog post, we will explore the differences between finnish saunas and infrared saunas so that you can make a more informed decision about which system is best for your needs.

There are many reasons why finnish saunas and infrared saunas differ in their benefits. One key difference is the temperature of each type of system: finnish sauna maintains a hotter, more humid environment with temperatures between 195°F to 240°F (90-113 °C) while infrareds maintain lower heat at 120°F - 140°F (49-60 °C).

This means that an infrared may be better for those who have sensitive skin or poor circulation, as it's not so hot.

It also has less humidity which can help ease dryness from winter weather conditions. But don't rule out a traditional finnish!

Heat Up Time

One important consideration to keep in mind when making a decision between infrared and traditional saunas is heating time.

Traditional Finnish saunas need about an hour or more of heat-up, while many infrared units can be ready in only 30 minutes.

This means you’ll want to make sure your family members are around the house when you turn on the heater for the communal session.


A Finnish sauna is much larger than an infrared unit, but there are many benefits to using the smaller equipment. Most importantly reducing size of the footprint and weight makes it easy for someone who wants to install a personal spa at home or bring one with them on vacation where space can be limited.

The convenience also translates into less time spent heating up before entering your session as well as less wait-time until you're ready for another go!

Most infrared units tend to have a smaller footprint than their traditional counterparts because they devote less space for an actual heating element within them.

This makes them more suitable in home use without taking up too much of your precious living quarters.


Infrared saunas are much more energy efficient than Finnish-style, as they only need a 15 minute warm up time. Unlike traditional heating elements in the typical Finnish sauna, infrared heaters don’t require excessive amounts of intense steam and heat to create the sweat inducing environment inside their space.

Finnish saunas typically consume about three times as much energy to operate than an infrared sauna, since it takes 45 - 60 minutes for them just reach optimum temperature with its high temperatures (>200° F).

Infrared Saunas only require 15 minute warm up time before reaching optimal levels (<140 ° F), saving you money each month on your electricity bill.

This is because unlike Finland style that takes about 45 - 60 minutes just to reach an optimum temperature; infrareds can do so with little effort thanks to its light weight and shape which make it easy for them to pass the energy through materials quickly without any significant losses or distortion from convection currents created by large masses principally water.

A traditional Finnish sauna is not as energy-efficient as an infrared one, even though they have been in use for millenia.

Traditional Finnish saunas are able to maintain a high temperature of 100°C because it draws about 6kW of power while the new IR design uses less than 2 kW and can reach temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius (284 Fahrenheit).

It also takes much longer for these older models to heat up which means more time with lower efficiency levels.

Temperature Range

The Finns have exported this staple to many other cultures.

The traditional heat and humidity are enough to make most people uncomfortable, but the benefits they provide in this environment outweigh our discomfort sometimes.

Clearly this heat tolerance has seeped into the Finnish genome down through the generations. For those who want something less intense or with different effects, an infrared sauna may be more appropriate for your needs because it doesn’t rely on heating elements that produce extreme temperatures like Finnish-style units do; instead, infrared waves generated from these devices create therapeutic effects without any of the unpleasantness associated with high levels of moisture.

The Finnish sauna is a traditional heating system that heats up stones to produce steam and heat the space, while infrared drying only emits light waves.

And because it doesn’t emit as much intense radiation, you'll be able to enjoy your experience with an enhanced level of comfort throughout.

The Finnish sauna has been around since before electricity was invented - which means there's something about this old-school concept that just can't compare in terms of health benefits.

The most important difference between the two heater designs is how hot they are. Infrared saunas don't subject people to as much heat, making for an easier and more enjoyable experience.

The Physical Health Benefits

Finnish saunas are an effective way to detoxify your body by triggering profound perspiration and aiding in weight loss. If you're looking for a similar experience without the heat, then take advantage of infrared waves that penetrate deep into your muscles and joints with ease.

As many know, health benefits of sauna are vast. In a Finnish style hot and humid environment, the body sweats profusely leading to detoxification as well as weight loss (although often temporary).

A more modern way is an infrared sauna which works by using IR waves that penetrate deep into the body raising core temperature from within - all while being totally safe at about 10 microns in wavelength and perfect for absorption. Additionally these units warm muscles/joints much faster than traditional type heaters.

The infrared sauna is far more efficient at detoxifying the body than a traditional Finnish Sauna. 83% of sweat from an Infrared Sauna comes out as liquid, while just 17% does in one session with the Finns.

That's because 97% of our bodies toxins are stored within fat cells and we release them when sweating; this happens much less often during infrared sessions due to their effectiveness in breaking down water molecules into smaller units that yield greater volumes in perspiration.

Ease of Use

The warmth of a Finnish sauna is something difficult to replicate, but modern infrared heating makes it possible.

The convenience factor can't be denied either: with no need for preheating or tending the fire pit, you'll spend less time messing around and more time enjoying your relaxation.

An infrared sauna is the perfect way to warm up your muscles and relieve aches after a long day of work.

The body heats up from within, so there's no need to manage steam levels or preheat as with traditional Finnish saunas


Finnish saunas have to be taken care of with frequent cleanings and the output tone should always be knowledgeable.

Mold will build up in a traditional Finnish Sauna, but not an infrared one! This makes it more affordable because you may not need as much fuel for heating due to its increased efficiency.

For those who want their home or business space smaller yet efficient, this is the perfect model!

For the health conscious sauna enthusiast, an infrared unit is a must! With less maintenance and ability to heat up faster due to its smaller size, this won't break your budget.

If you're looking for something more economical than building one yourself or even buying from another company;

there's no better option out there on the market today that offers such high quality at such low prices with so few drawbacks as these units do in terms of their convenience -

they don't require any special preventative measures like traditional models would need because it doesn't attract mold or bacteria either which saves time during cleaning while also saving money overall.

You have got to try them if you haven’t yet had the chance but I promise that once you get over


Saunas are a great way to get some exercise and socialise in a post Covid era.

There are many different models of saunas that all offer something unique, but one model outranks the others when it comes to efficiency, affordability, performance and comfort: that's the infrared sauna.

When it comes to infrared, one of the most popular reasons for why people love these units is because they can be ready in only 30 minutes - Happy saunaing!


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