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Bidet Away!

Bidet Away!

A bidet is a great investment for those who want to feel cleaner. It offers advantages over toilet paper, including reducing the risk of infection and improving the overall bathroom experience by making it cleaner, more sanitary, and efficient.

Its infinitely better to use a bidet - they say once you go bidet - there's no going back. It's true you know.

If you're considering installing a bidet in your bathroom, then what's stopping you? They offer many benefits that make them the better choice for your needs. For example:

  1. Improved personal hygiene 
  2. Reduce the impact on our environment
  3. Save cash with minimal toilet paper usage  
  4. Improved skin care 
  5. Reduced toilet blockages

Bidet Away -

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Improved Personal Hygiene

 Although it's not as commonplace in the UK a bidet can offer an easy and quick way to feel clean and fresh after a number 2, without having any toilet paper touch your derriere.  Bidets are relatively common around much of Europe, Asia and Middle Eastern countries but they're still fairly new for most Brits - which is why we've put together this informative article on everything you need to know about them.

A bidet can be a valuable addition to any bathroom. Not only does it offer an extra layer of convenience, but you also get all the benefits that come with this indispensable appliance: hygiene and cleanliness are guaranteed.

Some models provide water temperature regulation for maximum comfort while others may include seat warming or air drying options. Dry paper just won't cut it when we have such great alternatives like these - now's your chance to finally say goodbye forever to unclean dryness in its many forms.

Reduce the Impact on our Environment

On average, every Brit uses 40 sheets of toilet paper per day. This adds up to over 1 million tons of toilet paper used in the UK each year (more during lockdowns 1,2 and 3!..) and requires 17 million trees that are cut down. Much of this raw material from trees needed for this will originate from virgin forests. In addition, manufacturing process create large amounts of waste water which is detrimental to our environment as well as a public health due to increased levels nitrates and complex chemicals found downstream near sewer plants where effluent is processed before being released into our precious rivers or lakes.

The bidet is the perfect way to reduce toilet paper usage and be environmentally friendly. When you use a bidet, there's nothing but waste water that goes down your drain. This means less packaging materials, transportation costs for shipping it across the country or around the world (in some cases), and less time/effort spent on manufacturing processes. If all of these factors are calculated in total, the cost of not using a bidet is greater than we could think: We are saving millions of pounds from going into landfills by simply washing ourselves clean with only water.


Reduce Cash Spent and Reduce Wasted Paper

You can save both money and do the environment a favour by using a bidet. Sure, you may use a little toilet paper to dry off after you are done cleaning, but not nearly as much if you don't have one. Not only will this help your wallet - it's also good for Mother Earth too because there's so much less rubbish created when buying fewer toilet rolls.

Freshness and Better for Our Skin

When you use toilet paper to clean up after the bathroom, it can make your skin very dry and uncomfortable (brand dependent). This is not a comforting method for most people with sensitive or irritated skin. If this becomes an issue then switching to warm water may be the better option as well as being much more comfortable overall. Certain anal/rectal conditions like hemorrhoids, fissures in the anus (which are cuts), prolapse of rectum into colon which can cause constipation; these issues will cause pain when wiping with toilet paper methods so using bidets would definitely help alleviate that discomfort.

The bidet can be used to clean the rectal area and give you a refreshing feeling without any soreness or discomfort. You have so many options when it comes time for drying off afterwards because many bidets today offer gentle heated air drying options that won't irritate your sensitive skin like toilet (sand) paper would.

Young children too often struggle with wiping themselves after using the bathroom or potty.  If it feels like a hassle, then just get them started on bidet use when their time comes. It will help avoid skin irritation and other problems down the line especially for those who have physical limitations in some way due to age or disability.

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Reduce Toilet Blockages

The bidet can help you reduce plumbing problems and helps to prevent clogs in your drain pipes. Usually around 75% less paper is used with an air dry feature and this can ultimately be reduced to 0.

Calling in a professional plumber could cost big bucks which makes any little issue feel like life or death situation - we all know how expensive emergency plumbers are! So invest in a bidet for you and your family - you'll save money, in more than one way.


With all of the benefits and advantages that a bidet offers why would anyone choose to use toilet paper alone? The British are quite prudish and known for their obsession with cleanliness, yet in the bathroom where this is extremely important we continue to use the least effective and unhygienic method possible. Try a bidet today and see what you have been missing out on. Once you go bidet - there's no going back.

the Bath Bliss team

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