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Ultimate Hot Tub: 9 Health Benefits from a Sunbeach Spas Hot Tub

Ultimate Hot Tub: 9 Health Benefits from a Sunbeach Spas Hot Tub

It's true, you can't buy good health. But, there are ways to keep yourself healthy, such as trying hot tub therapy or also known as hydrotherapy.

Using water to maintain a healthy body is a natural way that can alleviate various health aspects, such as back pain, posture, skin health and anxiety.

There is no better way for you to enjoy hydrotherapy than in a professional hot tub from Sunbeach Spas, a leading UK designer and manufacturer.

Experience a blissful bathing experience and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

Superior Mental Health

Stress can greatly affect our overall wellness. It can result in headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, and even digestive issues.

One of the best ways to de-stress after a long, tiring day is to resort to the classic ‘nice relaxing soak’.

For most of us this involves a bathtub, and as nice as a bath is - it's nothing compared to a ‘Sunbeach Spa  SOAK’

The heated waters paired with the jet massage therapy will relax all your body in alleviating the pressures from those stress centres.

The calming and relaxing environment is perfect for unwinding, makes you feel good, and offers the perfect preparation for a better night's sleep.

Hot tubs can increase your endorphin production, filling your body with feel-good hormones and boosting your energy levels.

How does this happen? The warm to hot water inside the tub can improve your circulation, which will stimulate the body's natural ability to produce endorphins.


Cleanses Your Skin

Regular hot tub use not only helps you detox from the inside out; it can also help rid your skin of impurities.

As your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat, bacteria and dirt from the day are brought to the surface, along with dead skin cells that are washed away by the water and filtered through the double filtration system.

The hot temperature of the water inside the at-home spa will allow your pores to open up. The bacteria, dead skin cells that can clog up your pores can ultimately result in skin outbursts, pimples, or even infections.


Aids Weight Loss

Dr. Faulkner, from Loughborough University conducted a study on how a hot bath aids in the process of weight loss.

The research suggested that passive heating, such as hot tub therapy and steam baths can increase the rate of calorie burning and may help to reduce blood sugar spikes. 

He also commented that these findings may help weight control and possibly improve control of blood sugar, which would help people with type II diabetes.


Detoxes Your Body

Drinking juices certainly cleanses and helps to detoxify your body.

Hot tub use will also warm your lymph fluids and blood, which causes it to circulate better through the body.

As a result, you may experience sweating, which will bring out the toxins.


Better Sleep Pattern

Having trouble sleeping at night? Hot tubs can help you achieve a solid eight hours of sleep.

20-minute hydrotherapy before your bedtime can improve your quality of sleep.

The heat will elevate your body's temperature after your therapy and gradually decrease which signals your body to sleep.


Assists In Diabetes Management


According to a study, called Effect of Steam Sauna Bath on Fasting Blood Glucose Level in Healthy Adults, Hyperthermia causes a shift of Metabo-
list toward carbohydrate changes.

The regulation of the rate of metabolic changes in the human body depends mainly on the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems and the activity of key enzymes in peripheral tissues.

Insulin is an endocrine hormone that primarily regulates glucose homeostasis, particularly by promoting the uptake of glucose into muscle and adipose tissue.

Insulin regulates protein metabolism in skeletal muscle by two mechanisms:

The first is by stimulating the uptake of amino acids into skeletal muscle. Second, there is more evidence indicating that the major anabolic effects of insulin on skeletal muscle are due to the inhibitory action on protein degradation.

Overall, research indicates that passive heating, such as a steam bath can increase the rate of calories burned by people and may help reduce blood glucose spikes.

In the long term, these may assist with weight control and improve control of blood glucose which would help persons with type II diabetes mellitus.

If you are a diabetic person, before trying this therapy, you should consult your doctor first.


Full-Body Pain Relief 

Because of the natural soothing properties of hot water, hot tubs are commonly used for their therapeutic purposes. 

The soothing action of the bubbling and swirling water can help in alleviating chronic pain, and arthritis to name a few.

Hydrotherapy utilises the heat, pressure and buoyancy of the water in helping the human body to experience the feeling of healing and pain relief. 

The warm water in the hot tub will give a relaxing massage to your strained and sore muscles.


Hydrotherapy Heals Bruised Muscles

Bruised muscle is most common amongst athletes, which is usually treated with cold water or with an ice pack followed by adequate rest. 

However, hot tub therapy is a more effective way of treating this condition.

The spraying water jets of your at-home spa has a significant role in massaging bruised muscles. 

It can give a revitalising pleasure that restores aching muscles, regardless of how severe the muscle ache is or how your physical state is.


Boosts Immunity

Regular hot tub use might naturally help your body fight sickness.

Aside from regular exercise and eating healthy meals, soaking in warm water is also one of the best ways to stave off illness and viruses, by building your immune-strength.

As hydrotherapy gradually increases blood flow volume, it will also begin circulating faster, which can carry the white blood cells to parts of the body that require more oxygen.



You may not have thought  that a hot tub could be used in healing injuries and in improving your overall health. 

Hydrotherapy is one of the simplest forms of therapy. It can be used not only for a relaxing soak, but it can also strengthen your muscles, improve your blood flow, release tension in your body, and more.

Start living a healthier life by soaking in hot water regularly. For the most premium hot tubs available worldwide, learn more here.


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