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7 Reasons Why Canadian Western Cedar is Perfect for a Sauna

7 Reasons Why Canadian Western Cedar is Perfect for a Sauna

Western red cedar is an excellent choice for building a sauna. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and it smells great! If you're looking to build your dream home, or just need the best infrared sauna in the world, look no further than our store.

We offer sauna products made of protected, naturally fallen Canadian western red cedar and have the knowledge to help you find what you need. 

Western red cedar is perfect for saunas because it has natural anti-bacterial properties which keep the cabin smelling fresh all year round.

The material also comes with a lifetime warranty against rot so there's never any worry about maintenance! When shopping at our store we can provide you with exactly what you're looking for.

The first time you step into a sauna, it is hard to believe that the dense wooden walls are actually made of Canadian Western Cedar. It's not just because they have been finished with an aromatic oil that smells like a spa day at the Finnish Sauna Society.

Did you know that wood is an organic compound?

That means it breaks down over time. So, if your company needs a long-lasting display solution, the marketing panels are just what you need.

The wood is naturally very durable, which means these panels will last for years to come while maintaining their natural beauty.


Here are the seven reasons why Canadian Western Cedar is perfect for Sauna

1. Canadian Western Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay

The timber's rich fragrance will ensure they're always close by with just a whiff - no matter where you are on Earth! 

Canadian Western Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay. It also has a soft, pleasant aroma that makes it the perfect wood for cedar chests!

Canadian Western Cedar is an incredible choice of sauna lumber due to its natural resistance towards both insect infestation as well as chemical decomposition; these properties make Canadian West-Eastern Cedar ideal for use in storage boxes or even coffins if you want your loved one's body protected from spoilage after death.

The deep natural scent of Canadian cedar, called phytoncide, a compound released by trees to protect themselves from bacteria, fungi and pests (also beneficial for our health)

2. Canadian Western Cedar is a natural insulator, keeping the heat in during cold months and out during hot months

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a house that didn't require any heat or air conditioning? Well, there is such an alternative.

Canadian Western Cedar trees provide insulation for homes and buildings during the winter months when heating might not even be necessary, as well as providing shade from summertime's hot sun.

These thin-barked evergreens are indigenous to Canada but can also grow in other regions like Russia, where they're considered hardy year-round!

3. The wood has been used for centuries as an essential building material, including churches, temples, bridges, homes, and more

A long tradition of wood building has allowed for the construction of thousands of structures, including temples and churches.

When deciding on materials to build with, you have to think about how well it will protect people from bugs when they get inside someone's house, or if it is near water like in a bridge then there are concerns that saltwater could damage the material over time.

Wood can last up to hundreds of years as opposed to other more fragile materials such as brick which may only survive decades under similar conditions, so its durability must be considered before making any decision between one type of building material versus another. 

Woods's natural ability to resist decay makes them an excellent choice for those who want their home built outstandingly strong without having to worry about termites destroying what was taken generations.

4. It's durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain or snow

You'll be able to enjoy this cedar for years with its weather-resistant properties that help it stand up against rain or snow.

The Canadian Western Cedar is a durable wood, and due to the fact that these trees are known as evergreens, they have the advantage of being planted in areas where there are harsh conditions like heavy rains or even blizzards because their strong bark will protect them from damage caused by those elements.

5. It doesn't require any painting or staining - it's already beautiful!

Canadian Western Cedar is one of the most durable building materials in North America, and it's also beautiful! That means you can say goodbye to paint - just let your new cedar home wear its natural color.

It doesn't need any stains either - thanks to all those years under Canada's bright sun, this handsome wood has a deep brown glow that will only get better with time.  

6. You can't easily find this type of wood at your local lumber yard because it only grows in Canada

One of the most common types of wood in Canada, Western Cedar is actually found all over this great country. You can find it at your local lumberyard and even on some people's front lawns!

A Canadian Western Cedar is a type of wood that can't be found at your local lumber yard because it only grows in Canada.

It's used in construction and furniture making, so if you need any help finding the right kind for what you're working on, you can find Canadian Western Cedar easily, if you live in Canada.

7. There are no chemicals added when the wood is harvested, so you know that what you're getting is pure quality!

You can trust that what you're getting is natural and pure with Canadian Western Cedar!

The way the wood of a cedar tree becomes so strong, durable, and beautiful comes from Mother Nature. Because no chemicals are added to it during harvestings like some other types of woods in its class such as Pine or Fir; we know for sure there's nothing artificial about this fine product.


Health Mate insists on using Canadian Western Cedar.
Health Mate uses aged trees or trees that have naturally fallen (for every fallen tree, 10 new trees are planted - we are proud of our environmental credentials)


Western cedar is an excellent choice for sauna material because of its moisturising qualities and ability to fend off insects. If you're looking for the best wood for sauna then it's worth checking out Canadian western red cedar for your next project! 

Western red cedar is a species of tree that can be found in parts of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It is one of the most common deciduous trees growing on Earth today. 

In addition to its use for building homes, it has been used as an important part of many religious ceremonies including those practiced by Native Americans who live close to this type of wood's natural habitat.

The bark from these trees was often used by them during healing rituals or exorcisms because they believed it had spiritual properties capable of curing ailments such as colds, coughs, and even mental illness.

One reason why Canadian western red cedar might make great internal and siding for your sauna is that there are many benefits associated with using Canadian Cedar.


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