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Transforms | 2-Year Warranty

Transforms | 2-Year Warranty

Warranty Period: 

The warranty period for furniture is 24 months from the date of receipt of the furniture.

The warranty period for the mechanisms used in the production of Transforms furniture is 10 years.

The warranty does not cover mechanical damage caused by improper use.

Warranty Repair:

The warranty is implemented by repair, and if it is impossible, by replacing the components with new ones.

Complaints should be submitted in writing to the guarantor's address, by e-mail to the address or call: 0800 001 6555

The guarantor has 14 days to respond to the complaint. The guarantor ensures the collection of items accepted for warranty repair. The time for repair is up to 30 days, but the guarantor reserves the right to extend this period due to the fact that some components are imported from abroad.

The guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the provisions on the warranty for defects in the goods sold.

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